Jazz goes on a date after four long years. (Image via TLC)

I Am Jazz season 8 episode 3 release date and air time on TLC

I Am Jazz season 8 episode 3, titled These Boots Are Made for Walkin', will air on TLC this Tuesday, February 7, at 10 pm ET. The episode will also be uploaded on Discovery+ and TLC Go website one day after its television premiere.

The episode will feature Jazz going on a double date with Dayron, her brother Sander, and his own date. This is Jazz's first date in four years and according to an exclusive clip, the two couples will attend a private dancing class.


TLC's description of the upcoming episode reads as:

"Following Jazz's meltdown, Jeanette outsources help but gets disturbing feedback. Meanwhile, Jazz goes on her first date in four years. Nervous over a kiss, she tries her best to stay out of her head but struggles when a dance lesson goes awry."

What can you expect from I Am Jazz season 8 episode 3?


This week on I Am Jazz, Jeanette will take the help of a psychic to help her daughter with her mental health issues. Jazz revealed in a previous episode that she was facing anxiety and that she felt "dumb and confused" every day. Jeanette will not be pleased with the response of the psychic, who will ask her to make some big changes in her own life for the sake of Jazz.

The latter will face a tough time understanding dance coach Maria's instructions and will slam Dayron for wanting her to copy the coach's hair flip. In the clip, she says:

"I'm getting a little uncomfortable because Maria does her hair flip, and Dayron is kind of like 'Jazz, you do it! You do it!'"

Dayron will also ask Jazz why she is so nervous, which will make her feel uncomfortable as she feels that she is "projecting negative emotions" on her date. She will also comment:

"I wish people understood that dating as a trans person is really hard because transgender people are immediately judged and ostracized for who they are"

Other than that, Jazz's date will go well and she will tell Dayron that she is open to a long-distance relationship as she will have to return to Harvard after the break.

What happened on I Am Jazz season 8 episode 2?


TLC's description of the episode titled Mommy Dearest read as:

"Jazz asserts her freedom after her mum crashes the after-party, but when she locks in a date with a new suitor amid a hailstorm of transphobia, her world comes crashing down around her, and there's only one person she wants."

Last week on I Am Jazz, the 22-year-old social activist was shocked to receive a “cruel” message on a dating website about her being trans. Jazz decided to hide it from her mother, who told her that dating online could be very dangerous.

She revealed that she had "transgender" written on her profile and could not understand why people were blaming her for something she can't control. Later on, Jeanette did find out the truth and was hurt to learn that people were doing this to her daughter.

Jazz created a social media video to promote her book about being a transgender child, which was getting banned in her state. The video did go viral and received some positive comments. Jeanette asked Jazz to take along her brother Sander on her date with Dayron, much to her dissatisfaction.

I Am Jazz airs on TLC every Tuesday at 10 pm ET.


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