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  • Jake Paul donates $10,000 to Shamir Bolivar’s family, GoFundMe set up to help his bodyguard’s wife and 4 children 
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Jake Paul donates $10,000 to Shamir Bolivar’s family, GoFundMe set up to help his bodyguard’s wife and 4 children 

Jake Paul has come forward to help his former bodyguard Shamir Bolivar's family by making a generous donation.

Shadow Group owner and celebrity bodyguard, Shamir Bolivar died at the age of 46 on April 7, 2021. AlphaLion Professional Protection Services announced the news regarding his death on Facebook. Shamir Bolivar was Jake Paul's former bodyguard, and the YouTuber has now made a generous donation of $10,000 towards a GoFundMe campaign set up to help support Shamir's family through this tough time.


Christina, Shamir Bolivar's widowed wife, is left to take care of their 4 children on her own. She is also trying to preserve his treasured Shadow Security Group to honor him and keep his memory and dream alive.

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Who was Shamir Bolivar?

Shamir Bolivar was a bodyguard and owner of Shadow Group Security. Shamir previously worked as a police officer at West Palm Beach Police Department for 14 years before opening up his own security firm in 2017.

Shamir had been the former body guard to rapper 6ix9ine and fighter Jake Paul. The death had affected Jake deeply since Shamir was also his friend and not just his bodyguard.


"You did so much for everyone around you and it won’t ever be forgotten... you took care of your family and kids... I’m at a loss for words... I know everyone will do their part to carry on your legacy. The Shadow Group🤞🏼I’m dedicating this fight to you my brother..." said Jake Paul in his post to show appreciation towards Shamir and the business he had started.

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Shamir Bolivar's wife left devasted after his death?

Christina Bolivar posted a few photos to remember her late husband Shamir Bolivar, showing photos of them together and some of their baby. This was a difficult death for the family but with the support of Jake Paul and anyone else who may be helping, they seem to have some type of footing on what to do next after the tragic incident.


What was Shamir Bolivar's cause of death?

Many reporters say it was a heart attack, while others say Shamir's death is still under investigation. His family said they would prefer to keep it to themselves once they do discover the cause. Shamir was loved by many and seen as a role model by Jake Paul.

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