What is David Dobrik’s net worth? A look at YouTuber’s wealth amid endless controversies

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David Julian Dobrik was one of YouTube's most popular content creators. David Dobrik had 18.9 million subscribers and an average of 20 million views on each video. Until recent events where he and his Vlog Squad faced multiple allegations of misconduct, this was the beginning of David Dobrik's fall from fame.

David lost about 400k subscribers and overall 66 million views in one day. Once his views and subscribers started dropping, he began taking down videos, and right after that, YouTube began to demonetize his channel.

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What is David Dobriks net worth?

David had begun his climb to fame on the Vine app, before moving to YouTube and creating the "Vlog Squad" to make viewers feel more included. In February 2020 he allegedly was worth $7 million and is now allegedly worth $20 million.

As he begins to lose his fame and becomes more hated as more allegations come to light, it gives everyone more to help make their decision. But people who are famous to this degree always return eventually, especially with support from a strong fan base.

Companies cut-ties with David Dobrik

13 brands have cut-ties from David Dobrik due to these allegations and the backlash he is receiving from his fans. He even stepped down from his own company Dispo, which is a photo sharing app similar to Instagram.

Known brands like HelloFresh, EA Sports, Dollar Shave Club, DoorDash, Chipotle, General Mills, HBO Max, Facebook, Audible, Bumble, Frank's RedHot, Honey, and Postmates have removed themselves from conducting any business with him.

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What's going to happen next to David Dobrik?

Many of his former and current fans believe he will return soon after his break from the internet. Many big content creators return from breaks and are forgiven because they have enough money to fix issues behind the scenes.

David posted two apology videos which many believed to be one of the worst apologies they have seen. The comments underneath the second one is all about how he had said he'd never hurt his friend and then almost killed him during a stunt, after being repeatedly told by his friend that he did not feel safe in the situation he was in.

(Image via Youtube)
(Image via Youtube)


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