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  • JonTron anti-vax controversy explained as YouTuber's tweets on Anthony Fauci spark backlash
JonTron endlessly takes digs at Dr. Anthony Fauci on Twitter (Image via Getty Images and Instagram/ jontronshow)

JonTron anti-vax controversy explained as YouTuber's tweets on Anthony Fauci spark backlash

Infamous YouTuber JonTron, real name Jonathan Aryan Jafari, was recently trending on Twitter following a slew of tweets about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Though the 31-year-old YouTuber denied being anti-vax, many Twitter users mocked him for trying to cast doubt upon the vaccines.

He also commented on the allegations levied against Dr. Fauci, who allegedly funded experimentation on beagle puppies. Adding to the #FauciLiedDogsDied trend on Twitter, he tweeted:

“Just trust the science, Bro!!!”
Just trust the science, Bro!!! 👏👏👏
10:15 AM · Oct 25, 2021

Though it seemed like the YouTuber was participating in a lively discussion about the Biden administration's chief medical advisor, JonTron continued to tweet information that allegedly carried elements of anti-vax rhetoric.


The YouTuber is also receiving backlash for spreading misinformation about the efficacy of vaccines.


JonTron goes on a Twitter rant

Following his initial incendiary tweet, the California-native immediately went viral on Twitter. His follow-up tweet included a screenshot of an article that claimed that the National Institute of Health, directed by Fauci, was responsible for funding “virus-enhancing COVID research.”

@JonTronShow Jon, this is how viruses are studied. They’re tested and altered to see the infection pathways that the virus could take. This isn’t the gotcha that you think it is.
12:18 PM · Oct 26, 2021

The YouTuber was attempting to suggest that Dr. Fauci’s administration was responsible for the outbreak of COVID-19. Many netizens expressed their frustration about misinformation being spread. One Twitter user explained the screenshots by saying:

"This is how viruses are normally tested!! Scientists frequently upscale the infectiousness of a virus in labs. They do this to know the best defense against mutations before mutations happen in the wild."

JonTron continued to instigate outrage online the following day. He uploaded a compilation video of Dr. Fauci explaining the efficacy of vaccines.

3:24 AM · Oct 26, 2021

In the YouTuber’s final tweet, he stated that he was not against the vaccine and also spoke about his concerns about “the level of conformity around the public discourse.” He said:

"Just to be clear: I’m not saying you shouldn’t get vaccinated, that should be your choice. I’m also not saying the vaccine is unsafe. I want the best for everyone, I’m just concerned that the level of conformity around public discourse has reached dangerous levels. Stay safe."

Internet reacts to the tweets

Many netizens mocked him for his seemingly anti-vax stance online and expressed frustration with him misinforming the public. Some tweets read:

When you see "JonTron" trending and you think it's because he uploaded a funny Halloween video but then it's not.
3:33 AM · Oct 26, 2021
Jontron when his life is in danger and the only way to save himself is preserving his credibility on the internet by not making idiotic political statements
7:33 AM · Oct 26, 2021
Jontron saying he's just worried about public health is extremely funny when you remember he was in a Pepsi commercial.
9:08 AM · Oct 26, 2021
JonTron fans and low iq, name a better combo
7:49 AM · Oct 26, 2021

It remains unclear what the YouTuber attempted to suggest through his tweets. He hasn’t posted on Twitter since his Fauci rant.

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