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  • Lee Min Ho comments on Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae’s Instagram post, leaves fans elated
Lee Min Ho and Lee Jung Jae (Images via Instagram/@actorleeminho and The Korea Times)

Lee Min Ho comments on Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae’s Instagram post, leaves fans elated

Squid Game’s lead actor Lee Jung Jae has found a fan in the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho. The latter posted a heart-warming and fun comment under the former’s newly-opened Instagram account two days ago.

After their guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, Lee Jung Jae uploaded several pictures with the cast of Squid Game, Jung Ho Yeon, Wi Ha Joon, and Park Hae Soo. Lee Min Ho soon dropped a comment, praising the veteran actor’s evergreen beauty, publicly showing his love for him.


Lee Min Ho fans spam Squid Game lead actor Lee Jung Jae’s latest post


With Squid Game’s ever-rising global success, there's a chock-full of locals who are as stunned by the casts’ incredible acting as they have turned fans worldwide. The first to publicly display his affection on Lee Jung Jae’s Instagram is none other than the iconic Hallyu star, Lee Min Ho.

The award-winning actor, Lee Min Ho, has been active since 2003 and considering his A-list status, it doesn’t come as a shock that he would be friends with his senior, Lee Jung Jae.


As Lee Jung Jae uploaded a post with photos of the Squid Game on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s set, Lee Min Ho’s comment sprang up and was quickly noticed by fans.

While the Squid Game actor only used hashtags, the Boys over Flowers actor left a cute, cheesy reply to his sunbae (senior).

He commented:

“Sunbae-nim, if you’re going to be this cool/handsome, I’m going to dieeee”

Fans also noted on Twitter that both actors had sent coffee trucks to each other in the past. While it’s difficult to make out what Lee Jung Jae was filming when Lee Min Ho sent the truck, it can be clearly seen that the veteran actor sent it to him during The King’s filming in 2020.

#LeeMinHo commented to #LeeJungJae IG post.

슨배님 이렇게 멋잇으면나 죽어어ㅓㅓ
(Sunbaenim, if you're this cool, i'll die)

Their friendship is lovely😍
And Lee Min Ho is a nice guy who respects his seniors🤭
#이민호 #李敏镐 #LeeMinHo
4:59 AM · Oct 8, 2021

The stars’ friendship may run deep, but Lee Min Ho officially joined hands with Lee Jung Jae in a 2019 action-comedy movie titled Wiretap or Do-cheong. The movie also includes another Squid Game actor, Lee Byung Hun and the famous Kim Woo Bin.

Lee Min Ho’s comment has garnered 12k likes and 1k replies already. Fans have always loved watching their favorite superstars interact and this super cute interaction just makes it more apparent.


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