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Louisiana man visits the ER after applying gorilla glue on his mouth

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Len Martin, a man from Louisiana, attempted a Gorilla Glue challenge in order to downplay all the recent drama surrounding the strong adhesive. Needless to say, he definitely didn't downplay the glue, and he ended up in the emergency room (ER).

Supposedly, Len Martin attempted a Gorilla Glue challenge to disprove how serious all the Gorilla Glue drama really is.


Tessica Brown kicked off all the talk around Gorilla Glue when she sprayed it onto her hair, and it has become stuck together ever since. According to her initial TikTok, her hair has been Gorilla Glued for about a month, and even longer now.

After all the controversy, Len Martin had an idea of his own. He believed that Tessica Brown was blowing the Gorilla Glue out of proportion. To prove that, he decided to place some Gorilla Glue on the rim of a red solo cup and place it over his mouth and lips.

His theory was that he could just lick the cup and the glue off of his face. Of course, that didn't work, and the cup was stuck.

The doctors in the emergency room (ER) had to peel the Gorilla Glue cup from his skin, which is certainly painful but not as permanent as gluing hair.

Len Martin called it a challenge that he regrets even trying, but this should serve as yet another reminder that people shouldn't be using Gorilla Glue on themselves.


Tessica Brown starts the Gorilla Glue situation by posting her ordeal on TikTok

Tessica Brown, who is also from Louisiana, started to make the Gorilla Glue trend when she uploaded a TikTok that described her unique ordeal with the adhesive. About a month prior to the video, she ran out of her usual hairspray and decided to use it as a substitute.

The substitute was a can of Gorilla Glue spray adhesive that she used to style her hair closest to her head. After 15 or more showers, according to Tessica, the Gorilla Glue hasn't budged.


Her mishap has led to trying rubbing alcohol as well as a trip to the emergency room (ER), where they were unable to help.

Now, Tessica is seeking help from a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who may be using a medical-grade glue remover over the course of a couple of days. The procedure would generally cost $12,500, but Tessica will receive it for free.

Tessica is also reportedly seeking legal counsel on a possible lawsuit against Gorilla Glue next.

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