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Top Left: Yumi's Cells, Bottom Left: Lost, Right: The Penthouse: War in Life (Images via Soompi, Han Cinema and Twitter/@kdramadiary)

Netizens disagree with the 'worst K-dramas of 2021' list chosen by industry insiders

On November 3, Joy News 24 released a survey of the worst K-dramas of 2021, leaving fans divided. The survey was taken by 200 industry insiders, from employees of entertainment companies and content producers to entertainment reporters. Some dramas that made it to the list and fans vehemently disagree with are Yumi’s Cells, The Devil Judge, Lost and Undercover.

However, their disagreement majorly lies with the second half, while fans' taste for the top 5 worst K-dramas remains almost similar to that of the industry experts.


Industry professionals select worst K-dramas of 2021: The Penthouse, Joseon Exorcist, and more included

Regardless of the star-studded cast, industry insiders who took the survey of Joy News 24 were brutally honest in voting for dramas that didn’t rise to any expectations. While some fans agree with the dramas at the top of the list, others disagree with the bottom half.

The Devil Judge, Destruction, Yum’s Cell, My Roommate Is a Gumiho, She Would Never Know, and Doom At Your Service each received one vote, taking a seat in ninth position on the list.

K-dramas Hush, Undercover, You Are My Spring, and Kingdom: Ashin of the North earned two votes each, sitting in eighth position.


Nevertheless, and Imitation received four votes each. Meanwhile, the sixth position surprised many as it had Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Hospital Playlist 2, along with Dark Hole and LUCA with five votes each. The fifth ranking went to Young Lady and Gentleman and Sisyphus: The Myth, earning seven votes each.

Still can’t believe N was voted as one of the worst drama series of 2021. For me, it is still one of the best Kdramas in recent years. The depth, the ingenious way of incorporating metaphors into the story and especially showing the REAL side of love 💜💚
7:15 AM · Nov 7, 2021

Coming in at fourth place is Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce). It received 10 votes out of 200, despite being among the highest-rated shows on cable TV. Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Do Yeon’s Lost took the third rank, as 17 people chose the show to be the worst K-drama of 2021.

@Koreaboo Noo Lost was so good but definitely not for everyone!
6:02 AM · Nov 6, 2021
@Koreaboo Lost was amazing. Idk what people are talking about and kinda agree on the marriage lyrics and Divorce Music
2:10 AM · Nov 7, 2021
I dont understand how Lost, Kingdom Ashin of the North and YAMS can land in the list of worst dramas
7:45 AM · Nov 4, 2021

The "makjang" Penthouse: War in Life scored second on the list, receiving 43 votes. After an incredible two-season run, the writers tangled up the story in the third season, making everything fall out of place. Fans even joke that it might be the only K-drama to enter both the best and worst K-drama list.

The way Penthouse entered as one of the best and worst kdramas of 2021 at the same time 🤣

only penthouse can do that 🤪 twitter.com/allkpop/status…
200 industry insiders vote the worst drama series of 2021 allkpop.com/article/2021/1…
5:09 AM · Nov 7, 2021

The insiders chose the first place on the worst K-dramas of 2021 to be Joseon Exorcist; the supernatural "sageuk" drama was canceled midway due to the heavy history-distortion criticisms.

However, fans do not agree with some of the choices. They can’t fathom how Yumi’s Cells, a cute romantic drama, earned a spot on the list. Even the artful cinematography and detailed storytelling with twists and strong female characters, The Devil Judge, on the list confuses them.

@allkpop Devil Jugde? Really? I'm so picky with kdramas and only finish the ones I actually like... Devil Judge had me invested from ep 1
7:17 AM · Nov 7, 2021
@allkpop Yumi's cell is pretty good throughout but I agree the last episode is quite disappointing.
5:22 AM · Nov 7, 2021
@allkpop I beg to differ with Devil Judge, She would never know as Rowoon was REALLY GOOD here and MRIAG! 👌

BUT, I have to say, there AREN'T THAT MUCH satisfying 2021 series SO FAR unlike 2020! 😎
5:15 AM · Nov 7, 2021
LMAO Yumi's Cells, Devil Judge, Doom at your Service and Roommate is a gumiho all made into this list!? How!? 😭

Anyways i really enjoyed all of these twitter.com/allkpop/status…
200 industry insiders vote the worst drama series of 2021 allkpop.com/article/2021/1…
11:30 AM · Nov 7, 2021
Lost ... in the list of worst kdramas this year 🙄🙄🙄
7:38 AM · Nov 4, 2021

Meanwhile, check out upcoming K-dramas in November here.


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