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Popeyes introduces new Strawberry Biscuits to its menu for a limited time (Image via Popeyes)

Popeyes Strawberry Biscuits: availability, price, and all you need to know

Popeyes is taking the side game to another level with the introduction of a new sweet and fruity biscuit. The Florida-based fast food restaurant chain has introduced new Strawberry Biscuits for fans who have been wanting a bit more from the chain's popular and buttery side. Fans can get their hands on the new biscuits starting March 27, at all participating stores across the country.

The new Strawberry Biscuits, which are only available for a short while, start at $1.79 each. Fans can also get the new biscuits in packs of two for $2.99, and a pack of four for just $5.39. Adding a little extra sweetness to your day, the fruity biscuits go well as a side with a savory sandwich or as a spring snack.

the Strawberry Biscuits will be available at all participating stores starting March 27 (Image via Popeyes)

The fast food restaurant chain announced the launch of the new Strawberry Biscuits through a press release, with Amy Alarcon, Vice President of the chain's Culinary Innovation, quoting:

“We are thrilled to introduce the latest culinary creation to our dessert menu, the irresistible Strawberry Biscuits.”

Briefing fans about Popeyes' new buttery and fruity side, Alarcon added:

“The perfect combination of our classic, buttery biscuits and the flavor of ripe, fruity strawberries, Strawberry Biscuits offer a delicious touch of sweetness to any meal.”

Spring is packed with the fruity goodness of Popeyes' new Strawberry Biscuits

Fans across the country are up for a surprise when they bite into the fruity goodness of the chain's new Strawberry Biscuits. Inspired by the chain's iconic side, the new Strawberry Biscuits offer a fusion of the beloved buttery, flaky dough of Popeyes' signature biscuits and a deliciously sweet strawberry dessert twist.

Loaded with strawberry bits and topped with creamy icing, the new Strawberry Biscuits offer a perfect balance between the sweetness of the strawberries and the salty flavors of the signature biscuit. The new biscuits can be enjoyed at all participating locations across the country starting March 27. Available at a starting price of $1.79 each, the new sides will be available to order for a limited time.

the new Strawberry Biscuits fuse together the fruity goodness of Strawberries and the chain's signature biscuits (Image via Popeyes)

Along with the new Strawberry Biscuits, the fast food restaurant chain will also be offering a new family meal - the Family Feast. Priced at $29.99, it comes with six pieces of the chain's signature chicken, two sandwiches, two large sides, and four biscuits.

Also returning on March 27 is the fan-favorite Big Box. It will be available in two different offering variants, with either juicy eight-piece chicken nuggets made with white meat, or the classic two-pieces of the signature bone-in chicken. Priced at $6.99, both offerings come with two regular sides and one biscuit.

Founded in 1972, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a chain of American multinational fried chicken fast-food restaurants. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, the chain has restaurants in more than 3,700 locations worldwide.

Currently a subsidiary of Toronto-based company Restaurant Brands International, the chain has stores in more than 46 states in the United States. The fried chicken fast food chain specializes in fried chicken, fried chicken-based sandwiches, french fries, seafood, vegetable biscuits, and Cajun cuisine.


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