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Jeremy Renner shared a video exercising on a treadmill (Image via Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

What is an anti gravity treadmill? Jeremy Renner shares walking video months after snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner appears to be on his way to recovery following the snowplow incident on January 1, 2023. He recently shared a video on his Instagram where he was seen walking on an anti-gravity treadmill.

The text for the same read:

"Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will."
Jeremy Renner's Instagram Story (Image via jeremyrenner/Instagram)

For the uninitiated, an anti-gravity treadmill is a piece of equipment that allows users to move in an environment where their own body weight is reduced. As per the National Library of Medicine, it is a treadmill "surrounded by an enclosed, air-filled chamber."

Speaking to another person on how the equipment helped him, Renner said that it allowed him to feel "less weight" so that he could get support while walking. He shared the video on Twitter with the caption:

"I now have to find other things to occupy my time so my body can recover from my will. #minduful #intended #recovery."
I now have to find OTHER things to occupy my time so my body can recover from my will. #minduful #intended #recovery

The anti-gravity treadmill was invented in the 90s

Robert Whalen was the one who invented the anti-gravity treadmill in 1990. A biomechanics researcher at the NASA Ames Research Center, the idea for the treadmill came to Whalen's mind after he witnessed astronauts on the International Space Station exercising for several hours to avoid the loss of bone mass and muscle in microgravity.

The ISS treadmill required users to have straps around their shoulders and hips, making it uncomfortable.


Whalen designed a treadmill that would allow the astronauts to run naturally. This treadmill enclosed the astronaut's lower body in an airtight chamber and lowered the air pressure inside the chamber which pushed down the astronaut, simulating gravity.

The design was patented in 1992. But the idea was later licensed to a company called AlterG and they used the technology to take the weight off of rehab patients recovering from leg and foot injuries.

This is the Boost Anti-Gravity Treadmill. We use this for both training and return to run programs!

Those using it have to wear a pair of tight neoprene shorts that have a skirt lined with zipper teeth attached to it. The treadmill's entry is through a hole in the plastic casing and the person needs to zip himself/herself in that so that from the waist down, they are encased in an airtight plastic bag. The treadmill measures weight and asks the way the workout should be.


It is useful in physical rehab clinics and lets the patients exercise without exacerbating an injury.

Jeremy Renner had to be hospitalized on January 1, 2023

Jeremy Renner met with a snowplow accident on January 1, 2023 (Image via Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Jeremy Renner was admitted to the hospital following a snow plow accident on January 1, 2023. The incident happened at his residence and he was transported to the hospital with assistance from Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District and REMSA Health.

Soon after, his representative revealed that he was stable but still critical.

A few days later, Renner posted a picture showing his facial injuries. On January 7, an Instagram story posted by him featured the hospital staff.

The Hawkeye star revealed on January 17 that he has been discharged from the hospital and is back at home. Renner's family members expressed their gratitude towards the hospital staff alongside his fans for the love and support he received after the incident.


While he was recovering, he shared another picture featuring his "Morning workout," writing that he had around 30 broken bones and that he was starting to heal slowly.

Jeremy Renner was last seen as Mike McClusky in the second season of the crime thriller series, Mayor of Kingstown, which airs on Apple TV+. He is well-known for his performances as Clint Barton in the MCU franchise.


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