Why is We love Jungkook trending on Twitter? Edited video controversy sparks fan backlash online

BTS' Jungkook becomes a victim of an online hate agenda (Image via Twitter/@jjk_global)

We Love Jungkook has been trending on Twitter after an edited video of the singer caused controversy online, resulting in the Euphoria singer receiving backlash from anti-fans.

For the unversed, a BTS fan who goes by the username @/PJM13PMG24 shared a video online where fans can be seen cheering for BTS members, however, in the video shared by the aforementioned user, it was alleged that fans were not cheering for BTS' youngest member as much as the other members, sparking controversy that led to him receiving online hate from anti-fans.

Concerned ARMYs took to social media to trend "We Love Jungkook" on Twitter to shower the Dreamers singer with love and compliments and protect him from negative comments online.

BTS’ Jungkook becomes victim of an edited video posted online

A Twitter user who goes by the username @Kth21_Jjk19 shared a video originally posted by @/PJM13PMG24 featuring a bunch of BTS fans cheering for the members and doing the fanchant.

In the video shared by the latter user and another posted alongside, it seems that fans did not cheer for all the members uniformly and deliberately missed saying Jungkook’s name when doing the fanchant.

Twitter user @Kth21_Jjk19 called out @/PJM13PMG24 for making an allegedly fake video of ARMYs not cheering for the Dreamers' singer during the fanchant. The former revealed that the allegedly fake video made BTS' youngest member an unfortunate victim and target of online haters.

Twitter user @Kth21_Jjk19 revealed that there are multiple fans who have contradicted the latter’s claims and requested fans not to fall for baseless claims and verify facts before posting.

BTS fans took to social media to trend "We Love Jungkook" to drown out the hate messages the Euphoria singer has been receiving from anti-fans. ARMYs have also requested fans to love and support all the members equally and not choose one member over the other.

ARMYs have claimed online that antis are running false narratives against Jungkook, Jimin, and V, trying to create an unnecessary rift between the members, especially when they have known each other for over a decade now, have even made appearances on each other’s Weverse lives recently, and have been supportive of each other’s careers.

BTS’ Jungkook and Charlie Puth’s Left and Right becomes the fastest song by a K-pop idol to sell 1 million units in the US

BTS’ youngest member's popular collab track Left and Right set a new record and clocked an impressive milestone by becoming the fastest song by a K-Pop idol to sell 1 million units in the US. Left and Right is a frisky and enjoyable track performed by Charlie Puth and BTS' youngest member, who marked their first official collaboration with this song.

Previously, they performed Charlie Puth's song We Don't Talk Anymore at the MBC Genie Music Awards. Notably, BTS' youngest member has always considered Charlie Puth one of his idols and expressed his desire to collaborate with him.

Left and Right has surpassed BLACKPINK's Lisa's popular b-side track Money from her debut album LALISA to become the fastest song by a K-pop artist to sell one million units in the United States.

The Left and Right music video is currently at 295 million views and is inching fast towards 300 million views.

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