8 times BTS' Jung Kook went viral in 2022

BTS' Jungkook (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

BTS' Jung Kook rose to new heights in 2022. He was dubbed a national treasure for his performance at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and released a chart-topping collaboration with Charlie Puth.

Jung Kook was recently named among one of the 200 Greatest Singers of All Time by Rolling Stone, becoming the only Korean artist to make it onto the list. However, the year was not complete without him gifting fans some viral moments.

From his grand Dreamers performance to a sparring session with an actual MMA fighter, this article rounds up eight times BTS' Jung Kook was trending in 2022.

8 viral moments of BTS' Jung Kook in 2022

1) FIFA World Cup Qatar

Jung Kook's live performance of Dreamers at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar blew up on various social media, gaining millions of views within minutes.

The 25-year-old became the first Korean to perform at the tournament, receiving worldwide appreciation for his energetic performance and stage presence. One of the most iconic Jung Kook moments so far, this performance is definitely one for the history books.

2) Jimin's Birthday Wish

BTS' Jung Kook posted an unconventional birthday wish for Jimin on Weverse that made the fandom (ARMY) go berserk.

In the video, the Maknae (youngest member) sighs a lot while showing off his charms. He slowly removes his glasses, ruffles his wavy hair, and stares into the camera for a good minute before saying:

"Jiyaman Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday Bro"

While there's nothing more to the video than Jungkook being his dramatic self, fans gushed over his good looks, resulting in him trending over Jimin, on the latter's special day.

3) Run BTS challenge

One of BTS' most popular songs, Run BTS had its own TikTok challenge. The members posted their version of the choreography on social media. However, Jung Kook had a slightly different take on it.

BTS' lead dancer instead of powerfully executing every move, as he does on stage, grooved to the song from his hotel room in Qatar, which fans thoroughly enjoyed watching. A proper version of the challenge he did with V, also went viral later on.

4) Tattoo sleeve reveal

BTS' Jung Kook gifted fans another viral moment from the set of Dreamers music video in Qatar. The hot weather of the Middle East country combined with the visuals of sleeveless Jung Kook flaunting his sleeve tattoo and toned arms sent fans into a meltdown.

They swooned over how the musician confidently flaunted his tattoos today, after previously being cautious about exposing them on camera.

5) Jung Kook's antics during the flying yoga episode

The flying yoga episode could have an entire list of viral moments, not just of Jung Kook but of almost all the BTS members. However, Golden Maknae's childlike stunts not only won ARMY's hearts but also gave them a good laugh.

Fans had a field day with memes, thanks to the mischievous Jung Kook fooling around with silk hammocks.

6) BTS' Jung Kook reveals his possessive nature

During the BTS MBTI Lab 2 episode, all the members gave their much-awaited opinion on the Perilla Leaf debate, however, Jung Kook's unexpected reason for his choice left ARMY in splits

For the unversed, the popular debate surrounding the perilla leaf is about whether or not it is okay for someone to separate the leaves (which are usually stuck together) for someone who isn't their partner or significant other.

The youngest said he didn't like the idea of his partner separating it for anyone because according to him, the kind gesture could end up in marriage. His hilarious imagination, which hinted at his possessive nature, quickly became a talking point among fans.

7) For youth live vocals

BTS' Jung Kook went viral numerous times for his stunning vocal skills, and the live performance of For Youth at the Yet To Come Busan concert was another addition to the list.

A focused video of the Busan-born singer smiling right before he delivered a pitch-perfect high note stole a million hearts on the internet, with everyone praising him as the perfect visual and vocal treat.

8) Sparring session with MMA boxer

In early 2022, BTS' Jung Kook posted videos of him boxing that caught the attention of MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon, who expressed his wish to spar with the Euphoria singer.

In July 2022, Jung Kook finally granted his wish and the two had a sparring session, which Sung-hoon posted on his Instagram.

The post quickly went viral, with fans applauding Jung Kook's gesture and adding boxing to his long list of talents. ARMY proudly declared that there's nothing that their Golden Maknae can't do.

While these moments are still gaining views and likes in 2023, fans cannot wait to see what the goofy BTS member will go viral for next.

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