5 times BTS' Jungkook proved his Golden Maknae status

BTS member Jeon Jungkook (Image via BigHit Music)
BTS member Jeon Jungkook (Image via BigHit Music)

From being a pro at singing to excelling in all sports, BTS' Jungkook has proved his status as the Golden Maknae since the group's debut. Years ago, when BTS took their first step in the industry, RM introduced Junkook as the Golden Maknae of the group due to his versatility. The Euphoria hitmaker was thoroughly trained in singing, rapping, and dancing at the beginning of his career.

As time passed, he lived up to the nickname and added multiple skills to his name. Now, other than being a world class musician and performer, BTS' Jungkook can also compose, direct, paint, and much more.

Often, he also makes headlines for his charming personality and spellbinding beauty. However, most of the traits Jungkook has developed are due to his hard work and love for perfection.

This list takes you through five of the many times when BTS' Jungkook proved his Golden Maknae status.

5 times BTS' Jungkook lived upto his Golden Maknae Status

1) Direction and editing

Jungkook has always loved capturing moments on his videotape. Before making his big debut as a music video direction for BTS' hit tracks Life Goes On and Film Out, the maknae started a series called GFC (Golden Film Closets). Through GCF, Jungkook shared videos of the members, while also serving as the editor.

He took a major step towards his passion by directing BTS' tracks and added another feather to his cap. Earlier, he revealed that he had no intention of sitting in the director's chair, but noted that the filming process was natural for him.

2) The perfect bandmate

The never-ending list of BTS' Jungkook's talents also includes him being the perfect bandmate. Not only can he sing, dance, and rap, but he is also a master at composing and writing music.

Golden Maknae was named the main producer for BTS' Outro: Love is Not Over when he was only 18. He also has the Magic Shop on his credit list.

Other than that, he has co-written many hit songs including Stay, Film Out, Run BTS, Your Eyes Tell, Telepathy, and others.

BTS' Maknae can also play drums, which makes him an all-rounder and a great bandmate.

3) Artistic abilities

BTS' Jungkook might not be an art major, but can easily fool anyone with his mind-blowing drawings and sketches. The My Time singer has painted several masterpieces including Suga's portrait, customised shoes for J-Hope, and his In The Soop paintings.

He has also showcased his artistic abilities to fans through behind the scenes videos, which always leave them with their eyes wide and jaws on the ground.

4) Muscular and athletic Maknae

The lead vocalist of BTS has an athletic side to his personality as well, which he flaunts with absolute grace. Jungkook is sporty and never fails to display his fit physique to fans. More than that, BTS' Jungkook is an expert in both indoor and outdoor games.

He frequently wins Run BTS challenges, works out regularly, boxes, and wins medals for his Hyungs. His athletic capabilities have led fans to give him another nickname - The Muscle Bunny.

5) Model and actor Jungkook

BTS' Jungkook is undoubtedly one of the most attractive K-pop idols in the industry. With his aesthetically pleasing looks, handsome build, and model-like proportions, JK has garnered enough attention globally.

Due to his captivating videos and photoshoots, Jungkook earned the title of Sexiest International Man Alive in 2020. He is also regularly recognized by fashion magazines, media outlets, and SNS accounts for his looks.

Besides being a top-class model, BTS' Jungkook can also act. The Bangtan Universe storyline videos feature him in different roles, which he nails perfectly.

Apart from his exciting long list of talents, BTS' Jungkook is also loved by millions of fans for his love of music, BTS ARMY, his innocence, and down-to-earth nature. The My You singer never fails to address ARMY and shower his love upon them, gaining unceasing love in return.

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