"I'm more interested in proving myself through my music": BTS' Jungkook reveals his feelings on not winning a Grammy award

A still of the K-pop idol (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop idol (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
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BTS clearly marked its global dominance when the famed group was invited to the Grammy Awards in 2019. The K-pop boy group became the first Korean act to be presenters at the award ceremony and was nominated for Best Recording Packaging.

On February 11, 2019, BTS became the first-ever K-pop group to become presenters for the 61st Grammy Awards where they announced the winner for Best R&B Album of The Year!💜#MostBeautifulMoment

Despite not taking home a win in 2019, the group has seen soaring success and has been invited to several major music events and award ceremonies, including the 2022 Grammy Awards, but has yet to win a prestigious Grammy.

In a recent interview with Weverse, BTS' Jungkook revealed his true feelings of not having won a Grammy award and showed viewers his maturity with inspiring answers that many believe have made him the wise man that he is today. Speaking about his Grammy experience, Jungkook stated:

"I'm more interested in proving myself through my music. It was great seeing performances from people I've never seen live before."
“I think our status is there whether we win a Grammy or not”.— #JUNGKOOK, Weverse Magazine 2022Truer words have never been spoken 🖤

BTS' Jungkook sits down with Weverse and talks about his musical experience

In a recent interview with Weverse, group maknae (K-pop word for the youngest member of the group) Jungkook sat down with the platform’s magazine section and spoke about his improved English speaking skills, the group members, future endeavors regarding his musical journey, and spoke honestly about the septet’s experience at the prestigious Grammy awards.

During the interactive interview, Jungkook impressively explained that his “proof” or motivation to create and produce music comes from his group mates:

"They are a really big influence. Just seeing the others put out their mixtapes makes me think, when should I make one? There must be something I have that I can prove."

Continuing his conversation with the magazine, Jungkook stated that his determination to give his best comes from the examples put forward by his hyungs (older brothers), and that the group’s popularity is significant enough whether they win a Grammy or not.

"I think our status is there whether we win a Grammy or not. That was just, I don’t know, a good experience?"

BTS' Jungkook carried on to showcase his true personality as he gave a mature response to not having won an award at the 2022 Grammy awards. Rather than being upset, Jungkook gave a calm and enlightening answer.

"It made me realize that, while I knew that winning the Grammy Award is a huge deal, I wasn’t really interested in actually winning one."

The Butter singer continued to share that there are different and more important ways to prove oneself as an acclaimed artist in the international arena. However, he did not mean to discredit the event and shared that it was a fun experience.

Fan react to BTS Jungkook's interview with Weverse

Upon reading the article, fans were impressed at Jungkook’s mindset and commended him for giving such mature responses to various questions related to the 2022 Grammy Awards ceremony. His explanation not only showed the group’s dedication to creating more meaningful music, but also proved that there is much more to a musician's career than just winning awards and accolades.

@btsqtsarchive my respect for him and bts is getting higher than the skyrecentlyi am overwhelmedjust want to sit at a corner and cry about how can a person be so genuine, humble and amazing
@btsqtsarchive Louder kookie for the people at the back! You have grown to be a beautiful wonderful human being Koo! Seriously!
@btsqtsarchive Words of a true artist. His dedication to improve his crafts than winning awards/records is immense which actually led him to be this successful. Huge huge respect to this man. 😍
@btsqtsarchive my jungkookie grew up wiser and wiser and wiser. im so proud of you mylove. go off king!
@btsqtsarchive that's a great stand 🥺🔥
@btsqtsarchive Awards aren't what make your music special, the best...ITS YOU that does. Yes they are nice, but showing who YOU ARE thru everything. This is well said, well put by Jungkook.

Meanwhile, the young crooner recently released a special solo track for the group’s fanbase, ARMY, titled My You. The song was released just in time for BTS' 9th debut anniversary and certainly made fans teary-eyed with its emotional and heart-warming lyrics.


The three-minute-long track has also been co-produced by Hiss Noise. My You has been sung in both Korean and English, with the lyrics available on various social media and music platforms.

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