HYBE CEO releases statement about BTS, shuts down all rumours of disbandment 

The members in a still from Yet to Come (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
The members in a still from Yet to Come (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

Amidst the furor caused by the news of BTS' hiatus, HYBE CEO Park Ji-won released a statement denying all speculation and rumours about the group's disbandment. In an email, he opened up about the group's desire to experiment and explore their individual talents separately.

However, he insisted this did not mean that BTS was disbanding, or that there would not be any more group activities. He wrote:

"Through the 'BTS Festa Dinner Party', BTS expressed their desire to expand their range of activities by combining group activities and individual activities for the continued growth and maturation of the group. Portions of the video are being blown out of proportion and wrongly interpreted, which is leading to the spread of false information."

On June 14, the K-pop legends shocked fans by revealing they will be taking some time off from group activities to focus on solo projects. In no time, speculation about the group's next move turned into rumors about their disbandment.

While HYBE had already specified that the break is not permanent, their CEO was compelled to send another email to clarify the situation, and placate the band's huge fanbase.

"They've already been set up or currently in the works": HYBE's CEO talks opens up about solo projects by BTS members

In his email, Park Ji-won dispelled rumors by straight up denying even the consideration of disbandment.

"BTS are not even considering disbanding the group at all, and there's no process going on regarding the disbandment of the group."

The CEO also had a lot to say regarding the individual ventures by the members, revealing that members had already started working on them. He also specified once again that both solo and group projects would take place simultaneously.

"They've already been set up or currently in the works. They'll be announced soon, and there'll be a synergistic effect between their individual and group activities. In the case of group activities, the promotions for their 'Proof' album are already happening, and more group activities are in the process of setting up. The group have had long-term breaks before in the past, and through this period of individual promotions, each member will be able to have their own break and individual activities. Both the artists and company aim to further establish BTS as 21st century pop icons with the diversification of their activities."

Meanwhile, the agency also revealed that BTS' lead dancer, J-Hope is all set to release his first solo album sometime in mid-July. The idol himself confirmed the news, stating:

"It seems like it is time for BTS to change its keynote on personal albums... It's my start, but I'm preparing for my solo album."

Fellow member V aka Kim Taehyung is also prepping to release his much anticipated album, KTH1.

News of BTS' hiatus, however, has proven to be financially dangerous for HYBE.

According to financial media outlet reports on June 15, HYBE's share prices dropped by 25.65 percent from the previous day, at 143,500 KRW, soon after the announcement.

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Edited by Upasya Bhowal