All about BTS' solo project plans revealed in Festa 2022 Dinner Party

BTS during Festa dinner party 2022 (Image via BANGTANTV/ YouTube)
BTS during Festa dinner party 2022 (Image via BANGTANTV/ YouTube)
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BTS is finally beginning its second chapter. K-pop superstars BTS announced they are taking a break as a group during their Real Bangtan Dinner 2022 and opened their hearts while addressing their plans, projects, and love for ARMY. After their hour-long dinner, fans took to Twitter and other social media to share their sadness of not being able to see the septet together for some time.

Simultaneously, ARMY supports them for their upcoming solo projects and the music the group is working on. Like always, Namjoon, the leader of the global band, took charge and began their Festa dinner. Later, all the members joined to dish upon their solo work and looked back at their memories as they lived together for 10 years. RM said,

"We're more like family than friends."

However, J-hope shared that the temporary break is like a healthy plan, and they wish for the fans not to take it in a negative way.

Here are other vital revelations made during dinner about BTS' solo debuts.

As BTS announces break, they reveal exciting solo plans for the future

1) RM's disorganized album content

"The problem with K-POP and the whole idol system is that they don't give you time to mature." ㅡ namjoon 🎤

The leader of BTS, RM (Kim Nam-joon), jokingly shared during the Festa dinner that his album content is all over the place. Since all the members are working on solo albums, RM also shared some details on his upcoming project.

The Mono creator dished that his work was in progress, and nothing seemed to be in order. However, he is still working hard.

2) Jin's grand finale album

.@BTS_twt Jin on his solo album: “I received the songs and I’m preparing them. The other members all have their release date planned out so I think mine will be the last to be released. That’s my thought. So I hope yours all go well.”

Although Jin, the eldest of the pack, did not give much detail about his upcoming solo album, he did share that his work would be the last to be released. Jin said that he has received the songs and is working on them, unlike other members who are way ahead.

However, RM cheered Jin, saying his would be the grand finale, meaning it would be the best.

3) Yoongi's well-designed schedule

yoongi is taking dance, vocal, english, japanese, guitar, keyboard, harmonics and pilates lessons ??? HOW

BTS' solo project plan is bringing a power-packed schedule for Yoongi. The rapper and producer, who goes by his stage name Suga, told fans about his hectic and productive upcoming days.

Like the other six, Suga is also working on new music. However, his schedule also includes classes for dance, vocals, Japanese, Pilates, English, and others.

4) J-Hope's leading the way with a solo set

J-HOPE 🌟 Created A New Post : #HOBIPALOOZA ⁉️🤔

The break is primarily for members to excel and grow as solo artists. Fortunately, J-Hope is already leading the plan. A few days ago, J-Hope was announced as one of the headliners at the Lollapalooza music festival on July 31, 2022, making him the first BTS member to hold a solo stage.

Aside from that, the Ego singer was seen getting emotional during the solo dinner. He is also working on his solo album, and according to RM, J-Hope's album is already aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes.

5) Jimin's new feeling


Jimin, known for his charming aura and stage presence, is excited yet worried about his upcoming album and work. The Filter crooner felt different while writing his music and songs and confessed that it was a complex process.

He also shared that he wants to convey a special message to his fans through his solo music.

6) V's thorough plan for KTH1

Members and Taehyung speak on KTH1. Seems that he is hesitant to release the album because not all songs flow in a theme.Please release it, Tae. We will love it. I promise.

Even though the break is saddening for ARMYs all across the globe, it will be a new ride for them. V's (Kim Tae-hyung) highly anticipated album, KTH1, will be released soon.

During the Festa Dinner 2022, Jimin shared that Taehyung's album is extensive and detailed. Meanwhile, RM said that he liked a few songs from KTH1.

7) Jungkook wants to be a better person

“tomorrow, I shouldn’t be the same person I was yesterday, I should always be a better me. that’s been motivating me to try different things.” - jeon jungkook

Group's maknae, Jungkook, never fails to improve himself, despite his brilliance. Besides working on new music, which according to him, will release before Yoongi's album, Jungkook wants to become a better person than he was yesterday.

Moreover, he was praised by his hyungs for growing up well and transforming into a mature, talented, and wise person.

The first chapter of BTS is finally over. The news of BTS taking a pause has been trending globally with hashtags like "THANKYOU BTS," "ARMY," "WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU," and more dominating Twitter.

However, like RM said, the constant pressure in K-pop to release music has ceased them from growing up physically.

[NEWS] During Festa Dinner, @BTS_twt confirmed:- BTS will be on hiatus (won't disband) they promised they'll be back 💜- Each Members will be released their solo albums, instead of mixtape💜- Each members will be reveal dates set for their solo albums starting with J-hope💜+

Through this break, they want their fans to know them personally and appreciate them when they make a comeback later.

Edited by Sayati Das
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