BTS’ Proof closes the first chapter of the group, says RM, as the K-pop septet share their honest thoughts

BTS share their thought processes behind the anthology album, Proof (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)
BTS share their thought processes behind the anthology album, Proof (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)

A closure to nine years of hard work and struggle, BTS’ Proof, an anthology album comprising 48 tracks, was released on June 10. The group’s leader, RM, described the importance of Proof as an album that “closes the first chapter of BTS.”

The album contains K-pop megastars’ history and takes fans on a journey from their debut days to history-making artists of today. It also introduces fans to three new songs, Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), For Youth, and Run BTS. The last track, along with Born Singer, was banned from Korean broadcasting for the usage of crude language.

The septet opened up on their thoughts about the anthology album built upon their gratitude for ARMYs sticking with them throughout their nine years of incredible journey.

“It feels like we just finished writing a big book”: Jungkook and other members talk about the importance of BTS’ Proof album

June 10 saw the highly-anticipated release of BTS’ Proof, a special anthology album made for fans. As a celebration of the group’s nine-year anniversary, Proof boasts over 45 songs from the septet’s discography. It includes three CDs and specific tracklists.

CD 1 includes all the title tracks, CD 2 includes special b-side tracks that have etched their mark on ARMY's hearts and CD 3 consists of demo versions of certain songs.

BTS’ Proof release marks an important chapter in the K-pop megastars' career. Speaking about the album, members emphasized what the album meant to them and the thought processes behind it, and thanked ARMYs for walking along with them throughout the years.

The group’s leader, RM, expressed his excitement about releasing new music and mentioned that it would be a closing chapter for the group. The Dynamite singers will be moving on to a new era after Proof’s release.

RM said:

“I feel thrilled every time we release new music for the first time. I hope many people will enjoy the album. Proof is a special album that closes the first chapter of BTS before going into our 10th year. We especially paid more attention to the lyrics as our message to our fans, ARMY who has been with us for nine years, is the key to this album.”

Eldest member Jin called Proof one of his favorites:

“Proof walks through BTS’ history, so it reminds me of nine years of memories. This will be one of those albums I listen to a lot. It will be fun to listen to the unreleased tracks.”

SUGA, one of the songwriters, producers and rappers of the group, talked about the importance of the tracks lined up in BTS’ Proof album:

“We carefully finalized the order of the tracks as the album speaks of BTS’ history. My suggestion would be to listen to the album in order. We are honored to capture our nine-year journey in this album. Listening to the album will trace you back in memory and the paths BTS have walked.”

The group’s sunshine, j-hope, called the album “the soul of BTS” and expressed his excitement for the new release:

“I’m happy and excited that we are finally releasing a new album after a long time. I just want to enjoy the album with our ARMY. Proof is a chronicle of BTS and ARMY, and it is a special album as it contains all our memories together. It is the soul of BTS, so I hope many people like it!”

Jimin echoed similar thoughts about releasing BTS’ Proof and how special it means for the group and fans:

“I feel happy and strange at the same time as it’s been a while since we released a new album. Proof holds a special place in our hearts as it includes the past lead singles and previously unreleased tracks. While creating this album, we spent meaningful times together looking after one another and deeply connecting with one another.”

The Singularity singer V shared that BTS’ Proof album was a gift for ARMYs, who have supported them through all the ups and downs and helped them create history. He said:

“As the album represents our past nine years, this is a gift for our fans who have been supporting us and creating our history together.”

Lastly, Jungkook shared that putting together BTS’ Proof seemed like they had completed a novel filled with reflections, memories, and emotions from their nine-year journey.

“It feels like we just finished writing a big book. As always, we gave a lot of thoughts into every detail of this album while working on it. It is a reflection of the time we spent together as BTS and the emotions we felt throughout our nine-year journey.”

BTS’ Proof has been topping the charts since its release with its title track, Yet to Come. The song has even become the first in MelOn chart’s history to debut at No. 1. Moreover, the group will be performing their new releases on Korean music shows for the first time in over two years.

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