BTS Yet to Come teaser: 4 theory hints you might have missed

BTS' Yet to Come concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS' Yet to Come concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS is making a comeback with their anthology album, Proof, on June 10. The album's lead single is Yet to Come, whose teaser video was released on June 7. The teaser left fans in a frenzy as ARMYs were quick to connect the scenes from the teaser to their past eras.

The anthology album is a way for BTS to bridge their past, present, and future, and fans can see glimpses of BTS’ past in the teaser, making ARMYs nostalgic. Thus, this article has listed 4 theories regarding Yet to Come that have been deduced by fans.

1) HYYH is forever

the fact that the flower colours are represented HYYH era is just ...#YetToCome_BTS #YetToComeMvTeaser1

Fans were quick to spot the similarities between BTS’ HYYH era and Yet to Come. The full title of the lead single from Proof is Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment), which already alludes to the HYYH era as Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa (HYYH) in Korean translates to the most beautiful moment.

Hence, fans suspect the song would have glimpses of the HYYH era. Once the teaser was released, the suspicions were proven to be true. From the members' styling to the location where the teaser was filmed, it seems almost as if BTS is picking up the HYYH era again.

Even the flowers at SUGA’s feet in the teaser were the same colors as the two versions of HYYH 2 albums.

2) The desert and the sea

The visuals of #YetToCome remind me so much of Sea: “I see ocean, I see desert, I see the worldEverything is the same thingWith different name…IT’S LIFE AGAIN”Because the best is Yet to Come? I have goosebumps already 😭#TheMostBeautifulMoment #BTS_Proof #YetToComeMvTeaser1

The teaser shows a desert, however, one can hear the sea in the background. The group had said that when ARMYs and BTS meet, the desert will turn into the ocean. The septet even has a track called Sea, a hidden song for ARMYs’ ears and hearts only.

The desert is a metaphor for their endless pain and suffering, however, the group is relentlessly walking toward the sea. Yet to Come may be the bridge between their past, where they were looking for the sea, and their future, where they have finally reached the sea.

3) Reminiscing past music videos

#BTS #방탄소년단 <Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)> Official Teaser it's just a theory...the theory is #HYYH era is back #TheMostBeautifulMoment #BTS_Proof #Springdaydemo #YetToComeMvTeaser1

Stills from the teaser, along with the outfits and poses of the members remind fans of the group’s previous music videos. Jimin’s clothes in the teaser look identical to his outfit in the Spring Day music video.

In the teaser, Jungkook’s action of looking in the distance through the circle formed by his palm is the same as in the HYYH on Stage: Prologue video. The sunglasses RM wore in the Run music video also appeared in the teaser for Yet to Come.

4) The Little Prince

I’m strongly believe that they are gonna use The Little Prince book as reference.

BTS has been using imageries from the book The Little Prince. Their Festa theme in 2020 was loosely based on the book's plotline. The color palette of the poster was also beige and blue, denoting the sand and sea, which was again seen in the Yet to Come teaser.

In the teaser, V is seen holding a red rose in the desert, which could be related to the story of The Little Prince, yet again. Fans are trying to connect the dots as the line from the book even mentions touching upon the sea reference as well, by saying :

What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.

ARMYs leave no stone unturned to analyze the hints left behind by BTS in their music videos and teasers. The majority of the time, the fandom has been proven right. On June 10, with the release of their album Proof and the Yet to Come music video, it will be revealed whether the fans were accurate once again.

Edited by Sayati Das


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