BTS' Jungkook adorably hypes J-Hope for his upcoming 2022 Lollapalooza performance

A still of the K-pop idols (Image via @jhope_bighitentertainment/Instagram)
A still of the K-pop idols (Image via @jhope_bighitentertainment/Instagram)

K-pop superstar BTS’ J-Hope created waves on the internet as he took to social media to announce that he will be headlining the final night of Lollapalooza on July 31, 2022. The famous music festival announced J-Hope’s presence at the much-anticipated event, with the rapper being the first South Korean artist to headline the main stage at a major American music festival.

Not only were fans excited upon learning the news, but J-Hope, too, expressed his excitement by sharing multiple posts. He even shared an official video from the U.S. festival’s announcement on his Instagram account. Taking the celebrations to the next level, group mate and maknae (the youngest member of a group, in Korean), Jungkook also joined the fun and hyped J-Hope by commenting on his post for the upcoming music festival.

"J-Hope let's go!!!": BTS' Jungkook is as excited as ARMY

For those unversed, Lollapalooza is one of the most popular music festivals in the United States of America, including other iconic music events like Coachella and South by SouthWest.

It is an annual four-day festival of unlimited fun and will be held at Grant Park in Chicago. It was first initiated as a touring event in 1991 but made a permanent home-stop in Chicago many years thereafter.

On June 8, 2022, the much-vaunted American music festival released a list of upcoming performances at the event. Alongside famous international artists, BTS rapper and singer J-Hope has been honored to headline the main stage of the global music event.

Upon hearing the news, fans naturally couldn’t contain their excitement and began sharing their love for J-Hope’s upcoming performance.

After the official announcement, BTS' J-Hope also took to his Instagram Stories and his feed to post his feelings about the international music event. In an Instagram post, the idol posted pictures of the entire Lollapalooza invite and a video promotion that included him.

In the caption, J-Hope wrote down a heartfelt message that expressed his excitement and revealed how thrilled he was to add another memorable chapter to his musical journey. As always, J-Hope sweetly explained how much the opportunity meant to him and that he’s looking forward to the new challenge.

J-Hope stated:

"This is going to be my first performance at Lollapalooza. It’s a thrilling new challenge that I think will become a really memorable chapter in my musical history! I’m gonna give you guys a great show. Get ready to get crazyyyyyy!"

Notably, ARMYs are the biggest supporters of the K-pop boy group, but no one is a bigger fan than the group members themselves. After BTS' J-Hope shared his exciting news, none other than group maknae Jungkook stepped in and continued the celebrations. Known for having a sweet and strong bond with J-Hope, he shared his love for his hyung ('older brother' in Korean) and wrote the following comment on the post:

"J-Hope let's gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!"
220608 j-hope Instagram commentjungkook.97 ㄴ uarmyhope: LETS GOOOOOOOooo🔥…#BTS #방탄소년단 @BTS_twt

The number of exclamation marks used in BTS Jungkook’s comment shows just how excited he is to see his group member perform on such a massive stage. Hopefully, the members of BTS get a chance to see J-Hope perform live, and if they do, they will certainly be the biggest supporters among the crowd.

Meanwhile, Metallica, Dua Lipa, Lil Baby, Machine Gun Kelly, Green Day, The Kid Laroi, Charli XCX, Big Sean, and K-pop boy group Tomorrow X Together, famously known as TXT, will be participating in the much-anticipated music festival.

Fans can expect jaw-dropping and high-powered performances from various international artists with a range of musical genres including EDM (electronic dance music), heavy metal, hip hop and pop being played for thousands of fans.

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