5 endearing habits of BTS’ j-hope that make ARMYs love him even more

A still of the K-pop artist, Jung Ho-seok (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop artist, Jung Ho-seok (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS’ j-hope, also known as Jung Ho-seok, is the “sunshine” of BTS and ARMYs are here for it. The Korean rapper, dancer, and songwriter's first solo mixtape, Hope World, charted #38 on the Billboard 200 in the United States in 2018. The avid dancer became the first BTS soloist to enter the Billboard Hot 100 with his single Chicken Noodle Soup, at number 81.

J-Hope, also popularly called Hobi, is considered the most energetic and lively member of the group. He always has a positive and cheerful aura about him. His smile lights up the heart of every BTS stan. Just like his name, his personality is also hopeful and cheerful.

Fans often observe some habits that they find are integral to each member’s personality. Let’s take a look at BTS’ j-hope’s unique habits that make fans love him even more.

5 charming habits of BTS’ j-hope that make ARMYs swoon

BTS' j-hope (Image via Steve Ferdman/Getty Images)
BTS' j-hope (Image via Steve Ferdman/Getty Images)

BTS’ j-hope is the most joyful and light-hearted member of the group. He does not fail to put a smile on his fans's faces, and has therefore earned the nickname “Sunshine.” ARMYs love to watch him dance, laugh, and go about his daily activities. Some of his habits have made a place in the hearts of millions.

1) Head tilts

Jhope doing his head tilt is the most uwu thing I’ve ever seen 😂🥺🥺💛

The cute little head tilts recur often. BTS’ j-hope slightly moves his head sideways whenever he is trying to analyze or think about something. He also does it when he is shocked due to new revelations. Sometimes, the tilt is succeeded by an eye glare straight into the camera.

Multiple instances of this weird yet cute habit have been seen on Run BTS episodes, interviews, and meet-and-greet sessions. More often than not, he also likes to mumble something to himself while doing the head tilt.

2) The dimple-showing smile

that lil head tilt and dimples :(♥︎ #JHOPE #제이홉 @bts_twt

Fans of BTS’ j-hope already know this smile. It's not a regular sunshine smile, but rather a lip-pressing smile that flaunts his dimples. Hobi has several pictures that expose his adorable dimples. Another little detail about this smile is how his eyes also shrink at the same time. It is almost like the rapper giggles with his eyes. He also likes to pose with a ‘finger-heart’ while smiling in the aforementioned manner.

3) The mouth-wide-open laugh

I love his laugh *I love all the members’ laughs and they make my day* (sometimes I use this as my response to something really funny) 🤣🤣🤣! @BTS_twt #BTS #Jhope

One of the heartiest laughs comes from BTS’ j-hope. It is because of his sparkling personality that he cannot stop laughing at the slightest hint of something amusing. He bursts out into laughter at any given chance.

J-Hope’s laugh is not just loud but also extremely contagious. He keeps his mouth wide open when guffawing. Sometimes he also covers his mouth with his hands while laughing, but eventually gives up and serves the original “sunshine” laugh.

4) Random dance moves

JHope you can't stop him from dancing at the White House

As the lead dancer of the group, BTS’ j-hope cannot stop himself from showing off his skills at events. From interviews and music concerts to reality shows and VLive sessions, the artist randomly breaks into dance moves.

Most recently, j-hope did a little dance move on the stage while BTS was at the White House. The short clip instantly went viral and ARMYs found him delightful. This habit has kept fans entertained for the longest time and still never fails to lift their mood.

5) Sound effects

Zsjhdjdd hobi saying he's too much like "jhope" bc he now makes his little sound effects for everything makes my heart meltnnsjsj he's the sweetest little thing we need to protect

BTS’ j-hope admitted that he has a habit of making random noises while doing tasks, irrespective of how mundane or interesting they might be. It is almost like there is a musical instrument inside Ho-seok’s body. He has the habit of giving sound effects to day-to-day activity, something that ARMYs find absolutely wholesome.

The singer has mimicked sound noises for animals such as cows and lambs, which were hilarious. He also starts beatboxing out of the blue which makes the other members burst out into laughter often.

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