KBS bans two new tracks from BTS' Proof album for crude language

BTS pose for the concept photo of Spring Day (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
BTS pose for the concept photo of Spring Day (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

BTS has hit a minor roadblock ahead of the release of their upcoming anniversary anthology album Proof. On June 8, the group’s forthcoming songs Run BTS, Born Singer, and For Youth from their new anniversary album Proof came under fire by broadcaster KBS for using slang and crude language.

However, the septet’s new comeback track, Yet to Come, has been deemed appropriate for broadcast by KBS. Songs that are deemed unfit will not be aired on the station, and the group will not be able to perform the songs on the station’s music programs.

BTS’ new songs from their upcoming album Proof will not be broadcast on KBS’ music programs

According to an update on KBS' official website, three tracks from BTS' special anniversary album Proof have been deemed unfit for broadcast after a thorough review by the board.

Bangtan’s' Run BTS, the first track on CD 2 from their upcoming anthology album Proof, has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS standards.

According to KBS, the song contains crude lyrics and slang, making it inappropriate to be televised. Run BTS was the lead single from their fourth EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 2

Another track under KBS’ line of fire is Born Singer, the first track on CD 1 of Proof, which has also been deemed unfit for broadcast for similar reasons. The track was initially released by the septet in July 2013 as a free song online.

Finally, the board has deferred their upcoming track For Youth, the 14th track on CD 3, for unique reasons. The lyrics of the song playing in the background inside the performing arena, featured in the first 30 seconds of the introduction, were not listed as part of the track's official lyrics.

However, there is some respite for ARMYs. Yet to Come, their new title track has passed the board’s strict rules and will be aired on the station for fans to enjoy.

ARMYs are eagerly anticipating these brand new tracks despite the ban

KBS may have banned these tracks for using profanities and crude language, however, ARMYs are excited to listen to these banned tracks. Netizens shared that this reminds them of the old Bangtan days and that it has been a while since they heard the members use explicit language in their songs.

Check out ARMYs reactions below:

BTS members rake in big moolah this year from their concerts alone

There is no stopping Bangtan. It is reported that the septet earned over ₩94.6 billion from their Permission to Dance On Stage concert series. Billboard reported that Bangtan’s 11 performances were watched by 458,000 ARMYs worldwide.

Bangtan is ranked fourth on Billboard’s “Mid-Year Box Score” behind Bad Bunny with 37 performances, Elton John with 40 performances, and Genesis with 35 performances.

It is commendable, considering the septet only had 11 performances, whereas the other artists on the list had over 35 to 40 performances. It is also impressive that Bangtan members are one of the two non-English speaking artists to be placed in the top 5, alongside Bad Bunny.

The talented seven-member group performed their Permission To Dance On Stage concert series in Seoul (3 times), Las Vegas (4 times), and Los Angeles (3 times).

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