BTS's V shared heartfelt message with fans amidst news of hiatus

A still from the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)
A still from the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)

BTS may have broken the hearts of millions of ARMYs with their recent announcement, but the members are dedicated to offering consolation. V, aka Taehyung, published a heartfelt letter on Weverse which has made many fans feel better.

On June 14, the K-pop giant held a FESTA dinner celebrating their 9th anniversary. While fans had expected big news of some kind, BTS surprised everyone by announcing that the members would be temporarily focusing on solo projects for a while. Their group projects will not be a priority for now.

The septet has had a busy few months with interviews, performances and new projects all across the globe. While ARMY understood the need for a breather, many were left upset and apprehensive about the future.

BTS's V remains optimistic and hopeful for the future in his Weverse message

At the FESTA dinner, each member opened up about their experience in the last nine years as part of the group. Kim Taehyung, aka V, revealed that he was unable to explore many other things in the past since the group was always the priority. The idol, who has also tried his hand at acting, hoped that the new phase of the group would help him as well as the other members of the group explore their other talents.

V also discussed his highly-anticipated upcoming album KTH1 with the other members.

Taehyung’s words from the Festa dinner… 🥺 Today honestly feels like such a sad day now even though I know it’s probably a break that they need.

The Christmas Tree singer further elaborated upon what he said at the dinner in a Weverse message. The BTS vocalist shared a heartfelt message for his fans, hoping to offer them some consolation.

weverse 220614taehyung: we are happy.the seven of us may have different interests, likes, and dislikes,we may have differing personalities,and we may live life differently,but because we think of our army with one heart, we knew run! bts had to be continued.

V reminisced about the past decade, looking back at everything the group had to sacrifice to reach where they are now. He also said that he believes the group's new chapter of focusing on themselves as individuals and their solo projects will only help take BTS to the next level.

“For the past 10 years, we kept on looking upwards, and I realized it was scary. I had to give myself up for the team. Right after happiness, there were countless exhaustion and difficulties. It is now the start of us taking healthy steps in order to remain as Bangtan for a very long time."
BTS WEVERSE POST V/TAEHYUNG 220614TH: “Since ARMY and Bangtan are connected with a purple thread (of fate), let's see (each other) for a long, long time in order to keep the thread from breaking and maintaining the color (of the thread of fate) darkness for a long time.”

The ever-supportive ARMY is looking forward to V's future projects, some of which have already been announced.

Barely a day before the announcement of the BTS hiatus, a spin-off series to the popular show In the Soop was announced, featuring the Wooga Squad members. The Wooga Squad consists of BTS's V, actors Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik and singer Peakboy. The five of them met on the set of the show Hwarang and have remained close friends ever since.

It will be the first of Taehyung's many activities outside the musical group after the end of Proof's promotional activities. The new show, called In the SOOP: Friendship Trip, is expected to air in July, 2022.

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