BTS hiatus: ARMYs turn Twitter into a cryfest with their reactions

BTS behind-the-scene photo from their Proof Live (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS behind-the-scene photo from their Proof Live (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

The BTS hiatus was announced during the BTS Festa Dinner Party on Tuesday, June 14, by the members. The group said that they were planning to take a break from group activities to focus on solo work for a while. However, their label, HYBE, clarified to The Associated Press later that BTS’ focus on solo activities does not necessarily mean a hiatus from group projects. Instead, it is just a temporary shift of focus.

The group mentioned that this move was in the talks for some time now. They feel that they should engage in some individual activities away from the group so they can come back with renewed energy and make valuable contributions to the band for a long time to come. BTS reassured their fans that they were not disbanding and this was simply a way for them to deal with burnout.

While the septet has clarified that they are taking a temporary break to figure out the right direction for the group, fans cannot help but be emotional. While they are happy that the members are actively taking care of themselves, there's also a tinge of sadness. ARMYs took to Twitter to express their reactions.

ARMYs' heartfelt reactions to the BTS hiatus

1) Coping with humor

so how does snoop dog fit into all of thisbdbdndkf

Many ARMYs are coping with the news of the BTS hiatus with humor. They made their presence known on Twitter by making jokes and trying to lighten the solemn atmosphere that overtook the fandom.

“???” is an insane way to label a hiatus announcement

Fans even joked about being busier than ever since they’ll be constantly bombarded with releases now. They will have seven releases to look forward to now instead of one.

Started watching the dinner party and they literally start the thing talking about working on each other’s music 😂😂 like i promise you they will still be all over each other we’re gonna see ft rm prod suga ft taehyung prod jungkook ft jin prod jk ft jimin prod suga all over

Aside from all the fun and jokes, some ARMYs decided to follow BTS’ footsteps and take measures to improve themselves as well, showcasing what a strong community the group has built.

Since bts are taking a break to work on their personal growth, I think Armys should do that too. Tell me one thing you want to achieve until all 7 come together again. Let’s bookmark this & check when we finally meet again!
the reaction of “ok well i’m gonna do what’s best for me too rn” is again peak example of the way bts built a solid community that they lead by example and im once again so impressed with armys

2) Letters to BTS

Our boys are taking a well-deserved break so let's wish them the best and make sure they know we'll be there for them on their next chapter with #ARMY_EternalBlessing ✧[IMPORTANT: if you participate, please post to Weverse, as well as Twitter]
Dear BTSThank u for staying with us and running for us. Please take this time to enjoy yourselves and we'll always be here for you. Please do not worry about us, as the ARMY yiu know are strong 💜BTS hiatus is true and BTS is forever 💜#BTSBestFriendsOfMyLife #BTS_twt #BANGTAN

On both Twitter and Weverse, ARMYs are penning long letters praising the group and sharing their appreciation so that the group does not feel too disheartened. After the announcement of the BTS hiatus, the members admitted that they feared disappointing ARMYs, but their fans could not have been more proud.

Dear BTS!!!no matter what, i will wait for you here, until you come back, bangtan! one day your 7 solo albums will be side by side...i'll wait for you, and will always support youI’m an ARMY forever #BTSFESTA2022 #Happy9thAnniversaryBTS #BTSBestFriendsOfMyLife
Every moment since the day we’ve met has been precious and while ive only known you for a short part of your journey, you’ve come such a long way and I’m so so proud of you. The next chapter will be beautiful…and I hope to walk by you in the same way+ #ARMY_EternalBlessing

Fans started trending multiple hashtags to let BTS know exactly how loved they are. BTS has always called ARMYs their best friends, and the fans wanted to reciprocate. The fandom hopes that the group will read their letters and find confidence in their decisions.

so happy and relieved that they get to do this in their own terms and how they want to do it. they're comfortable as a group and individuals I really can't wait for the future

3) Thank you BTS

I really need BTS to know that I appreciate how they told us about the hiatus through the dinner. Just like in 2019, it means a lot to always hear these things first and directly from them, instead of media or other “news” sources. Thank you, thank you, thank you @BTS_twt.
The way they're asking for our blessing and sharing this news over dinner and giving it to us gently... God these precious boys have my whole heart. Please please please know that you will always have ARMYS right behind you. Always, in all ways. I love you. Thank you, @BTS_twt 💜

ARMYs were glad that the news of the BTS hiatus came straight from the group and not through any news outlet or their label. It proved that the group truly respected their fans and wanted to deliver the news themselves.

AS A PURPLE BLOOD? I’m on your back like a cardigan u really don’t gotta worry bout me
There's a reason why BTS decided to talk about these topics during their anniversary family dinner. They want us to be the first to understand their decisions, through our yearly meeting after a week of celebrating their anniversary.

Fans were also happy that no media outlet could twist their words and make the announcement sound more morbid than it is. The group highlighted the need for change and growth, indicating a pause in the journey that is nowhere near its end.

ARMYs thanked BTS for the wonderful memories and made sure that the group knew they were in this BTS life forever.


ARMYs are also making plans to reminisce and go over all the content the group has released until now to show their support for BTS.

okay so for the new armys in here and dont know what to do during bts' hiatus, y'all can catch up/entertainment yourselves with american hustle life, rookie king, bon voyage, the documentaries, run bts, bangtan bomb episodes, bts memories, in the soop, and more old stuffs !!!

4) ARMY Forever Bangtan Forever

📣 UPDATE As Hoseok stated: “Things need to be torn apart for them to become whole/become one again”. This is a new era in @BTS_twt & as such, nothing will change on our end. We will support & maintain our dedication to each one of them through this account.💜아포방포💜
.@BTS_twt, you rewrote our lives and brought us so much happiness, love, friendships, and peace. Thank you for 9 years. We’ll always wait for you, here in the magic shop. 💜 ARMY forever, Bangtan forever#방탄의_수고는_아미가_알아…

AFBF is an acronym coined by Jungkook which stands for ARMY Forever Bangtan Forever. ARMYs, on hearing about the BTS hiatus, promised to stay with the group forever and wait until they resume their musical activities as a group after the temporary halt.

아포방포ARMY Forever, Bangtan Forever 💜
We'll wait for you, always! @BTS_twt

Jungkook himself ended the BTS Festa Dinner Party with this phrase to further solidify the bond between the group and ARMYs. Fans took to Twitter to discuss the memories they cherish with the group and expressed their support for the band's tough decision.

you know how much courage it takes and how much trust they must have in us to do something like that? and them doing this while being at the top of the game keeps on proving that the goal was never the fame, but just doing what they wanted to do to make themselves happy
we are always with you, in your every step, every way, we will be there to support you. you will always have army behind you @BTS_twt 💜 waiting for your individual projects and we're always rooting for you and we love you sm.

5) Second chapter

Chapter 2 of bts begins with each member having their solo works and releasing albums, instead of mixtapes. BTS will be in hiatus. Promise to always walk with you and definitely support each of you equally. 💜 THANK YOU BTS! "Army Forever! BTS Forever!" 🥺

The second chapter in BTS’ life after the release of their anthology album Proof will involve the members focusing more on solo activities.

this is so beautifully said 😭💜

Change is the only constant, and ARMYs are looking forward to all the new content that BTS has in store for them, both as a group and individually.

BTS pulling a shonen anime move and do their individual training to come back stronger together

The band made it clear that the BTS hiatus is actually for maintaining the long-term health of their group ventures. They are excited to develop the group further and perform with renewed vigor. Once the temporary BTS hiatus is over, the group will make an amazing comeback.

I don’t know when the dinner was filmed, but this Vlive from last week.. the 7 of them together laughing/smiling like this. I think this is everything.Just like the 7 of you have always been by our side, ARMYs will always support you and be by your side💜 @BTS_twt

Starting with J-Hope in Lollapalooza, BTS now begin the second chapter of their musical journey. Despite the phrase 'BTS hiatus' being used in the official subtitles of the BTS Dinner Party video, the group is only taking a temporary break from group musical activities. They will continue to work on group projects, while focusing on solo ventures at the moment.

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