10 most relatable reactions to BTS 'Yet to Come' music video

BTS members in a still from Yet to Come (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
BTS members in a still from Yet to Come (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

BTS' comeback music video of Yet to Come brings a wave of nostalgic and comforting memories. The septet released their special anniversary album Proof, which masterfully recaps BTS' evergreen discography of past hits, on June 10.

Nobody can ever get used to the feeling of a “BTS comeback” day, not even seasoned ARMYs who have witnessed the septet’s exponential growth.

Since their last Korean album was released in 2020, BTS has returned with a special anthology album, and ARMYs are excited, emotional, and euphoric.

If one was to test ARMY's love for the Korean superstar group, all they need to do is check Twitter to see the outpouring of love.


Written by BTS’ talented rap-line members RM, Suga, and J-Hope, Yet to Come is an alternative hip-hop track that uses the “chipmunk” sampling style.

For those uninitiated, the “chipmunk” sampling style is a shorthand style that is pitch-shifted in such a way that it is reminiscent of the Chipmunks' voices.

The song looks back at the septet’s glorious musical past, their achievements, and the abundant love they have received from fans worldwide while setting their eyes on a better future filled with hope, love, and more success.

Proof is the group’s first anthology album and contains a total of 48 tracks across three CDs, effectively capturing the history of BTS, spanning nine years.

Proof contains three new special tracks - Yet to Come (title track), For Youth, and Run BTS, along with their past hits, solo tracks, unit songs, and special songs.

“I CRIED,” “BANGTAN,” “Spring Day,” and “Producer Jimin” are some of the trends that have taken over Twitter worldwide.

ARMYs are the ultimate sleuths: Following are the most relatable reactions to BTS' Yet to Come

1) Spring Day's offspring Yet to Come

ARMY can’t help but notice the nostalgia-laden similarities between Yet to Come and the official “queen” of BTS’s discography, Spring Day. Yet to Come has dreamy visuals and soothing vocals, making it the perfect comfort song for ages, and this reaction is proof of that.

In BTS V's words:

“As it’s an album that captures our journey of the past nine years, I sincerely hope that it will become a precious gift for the fans who have always cheered us on and have made history for us.”

2) Bullet Proof Bangtan

Rain, Snow, Hail, Sandstorm - nothing can come in the way of BTS and excellence. Group members are extremely dedicated and passionate about their craft, and this brief glimpse into the making of the beautiful title track, Yet to Come, proves they are considered some of the best artists the world has to offer.

3) End of an era and the beginning of a new chapter

As BTS signals the end of a chapter of their lives, they promise ARMYs that the best of their music and their true selves are Yet to Come. Proof marks the end of one chapter, as mentioned by BTS' leader RM, as they prepare to embark upon a new chapter with their fans, ARMY.

“‘Proof’ is a special album that wraps up Chapter 1 of BTS’s story as we face the ninth anniversary of our debut. As the focus of the album is our message for our fans who have been together with us for the past nine years, we paid the most attention to our lyrics.”

4) The uncanny resemblance between Yet to Come and Just One Day

It will perhaps take ARMY ages to figure out every past musical reference seen in their new music video. However, it has not escaped their consciousness how the seating arrangement is similar to Just One Day.

The fifth track from their album, Skool Luv Affair, Just One Day, is a sweet song with a sad undertone. The track describes how BTS had to sacrifice their love for their dreams and wish to spend one day with their loved ones.

5) BTS' 2022 Festa gift for ARMYs

A gentle reminder to ARMY’s: A particular fan song commemorating BTS's ninth anniversary will be released in three days.

While ARMYs are celebrating the release of BTS' Proof, their first album in two years, another surprise is "Yet to Come," a particular song dedicated to ARMYs for the 2022 Festa Celebrations.

Last year, Bangtan's leader RM released the lovely track Bicycle, dedicated to his love for the special two-wheeler and how it has rescued him from some trying times.

6) It is "No More Dream"

BTS members prove that one mustn’t forget their past as it is always a reminder of how far they have come and how far they need to go.

BTS' iconic Yellow Bus made a comeback in their new song Yet to Come, transporting ARMYs to an emotional trip down memory lane, all the way to their debut title track No More Dream from their inaugural album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

7) The bulletproof bond between BTS and ARMY

BTS and ARMYs share an inexplicably strong and loving bond. In the Yet to Come music video, BTS utilizes the barren desert, metaphorically, alluding to a life without their fans. However, everything changes when they get on the bus. They hear the sound of the waves and sea, signifying that ARMYs bring happiness to them.

BTS' dance leader J-hope shared:

“‘Proof’ is an album that summarizes the biography of BTS and [our fans] ARMY, and it’s all the more special because our memories and time together are captured in it."

8) The Last Part had us reaching for tissues

BTS get aboard the No More Dream bus, signifying that they are ready to welcome a new chapter in their musical journeys and ready to walk a long journey, hand in hand with ARMYs.

As Jungkook rightfully said :

“It feels like we’ve been writing a really thick book and are now finishing it.”

9) BTS of the future past

Yet to Come encompasses the best of BTS’ musical journey so far. Only true ARMYs can guess all the iconic moments, music videos, and special memories of BTS' past discography.

“It’s an album that does a good job conveying BTS’s story up until now, as well as our current feelings.”

Can you guess all the music videos referenced in the music video?

10) New Friendship tattoo

BTS’ frontman and leader, RM, posted a picture flaunting his new tattoo - number 7, BTS’ special number.

Previously, V had confirmed on Weverse that members planned to get matching tattoos to celebrate their ninth debut anniversary.

We cannot wait to see if every BTS member has gotten a similar tattoo.

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