BTS' Jungkook admits that he constantly monitors ARMY's reactions online

K-pop artist BTS Jungkook for BTS 9TH ANNIVERSARY FAMILY PORTRAIT (Image via BTS/Twitter)
K-pop artist BTS Jungkook for BTS 9TH ANNIVERSARY FAMILY PORTRAIT (Image via BTS/Twitter)

BTS' Jungkook, the youngest member of one of the most popular boy groups, has now acknowledged that he monitors ARMY's reactions online. Jungkook recently hosted a live broadcast that was filled with numerous exciting moments. He read through the comments, and one of them noted how they'd seen him at the Seoul Jazz Festival 2022.

He also read about Yoongi's marriage offers and praised V's looks, among other things. He admitted to having a drink, therefore, he was in an excellent mood. He also mentioned Suga's role in PSY's That That MV.

ARMY shared astounding reactions after BTS' Jungkook live broadcast

Although BTS' Jungkook went unnoticed at the festival, ARMYs discovered he was there due to Pink Sweat$'s social media posts. ARMY’s streaming was taken aback when Jungkook revealed that he saw a post made by ARMY that he encountered and autographed at the 2022 Seoul Jazz Festival. He also complimented them, stating,

“That person I signed for had posted it, I saw it. I saw the long post made by that person, they’ve spoken so well about that incident.”

BTS' Jungkook revealed that he genuinely observes everything because he constantly checks ARMY's online responses.

“Yes, I do see everything because I monitor everything.”

Following BTS' Jungkook's mischievous note, the ARMYs surprisingly reacted on social media.

Fans were ecstatic and overwhelmed to see BTS' Jungkook's reaction.

More on BTS reacting to ARMY

Previously, BTS members have admitted to tracking and seeing all of ARMY's posts on social media. V made a TikTok comment last year, and BTS used a lot of ARMY memes in its Permission to Dance Anywhere video. During a segment of Run BTS!, they also spoke about ARMYs by browsing over individual blogs.

BTS placed its understanding of itself to test in episode 133 of Run BTS! The concept for the first shoot day of the new year was Workshop Special. Members were challenged to recall information about their past challenges after shooting more than a hundred episodes. The group used internet search engines to obtain the facts they needed to win swiftly.

Members had to figure out where the screenshot of J-Hope laughing came from. Most of the boys sought assistance from ARMY by searching through fan-run sites. A few others tried to review by rewatching the episodes. Some avoided the time loss by referencing the fan-written Run BTS! reviews.

BTS is usually grateful to its fans, and during the game, they were incredibly thankful to ARMY. RM checked for their name and appreciated BTS' Jungkook-biased stan for their help upon successfully obtaining an answer correctly due to the blog.

Following their research, the boys found a few fascinating pieces of information by looking at what fans considered to be the show's key points. ARMY had not anticipated BTS to locate all that the ARMYs posted on the internet.

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