BTS' J-Hope's 5 eccentric fashion moments

BTS' J-Hope (Image via BigHit Music)
BTS' J-Hope (Image via BigHit Music)

With J-Hope's upcoming solo gig, fans are rejoicing his other achievements, which also include him being a fabulous fashionista. BTS' J-Hope is set to headline Lollapalooza festival 2022, and fans are still in a frenzy. The Chicken Noodle Soup singer is a fantastic dancer, rapper, and singer. His fans are also aware of his love for shopping and dressing up.

J-Hope's fashion style is considered one of the best in the K-pop community due to its individuality3. The singer majorly opts for an urban look, however, he still manages to shine in all kinds of looks.

Hence, here are BTS' J-hope's 5 fascinating fashion moments you need to check out.

5 best BTS' J-Hope's fashion moments

1) The Hobicore urban look

BTS' rapper and lead dancer is widely known for his luxury streetwear, which he is often seen carrying while boarding flights and on vacation. His quirky picks constantly sweep the crowd as the Hope On The Streets artist carefully pairs his outfits with equally stunning accessories.

When J-Hope is in his actual element, fans often see him in baggy clothes with beautiful rings, bucket hats, and oversized bags. His street fashion is also why he is considered one of the most stylish K-pop idols.

2) The Chicken Noodle Soup era

sooo prouddd 👏👏🥺🥺 @BTS_twt @iambeckyg these are the behind the scene photos of chicken noodle soup that bighit posted on facebook!

J-Hope's Chicken Noodle Soup aura radiates fire with the singer's extra confident and bold look. During the release and making of Chicken Noodle Soup (ft. Becky G), Hobi showered fans with multiple behind-the-scenes pictures, which were a true delight to all J-Hope fans.

CNS J-Hope appeared in a CHEMIST denim jacket with no shirt underneath. Apart from that, in a behind-the-scenes picture, the BTS member proudly showed off his rings, the not-so-ordinary pants, and xVESSEL red shoes, which by the way, are sold out.

3) Boujee king J-Hope

thinking about jung hoseok in a suit

Even though J-hope loves to carry streetwear, he knows how to rock a red carpet with a clean look and an expensive suit. The Ego singer frequently impresses fans with his boujee looks.

J-Hope's dapper personality was elevated by his purple suit, which he wore during the 2020 Melon Music Awards. Plus, the dance break led by him was another desirable addition.

Notable mentions include his Map of The Soul: 7 concept image. With the modern-day renaissance as a backdrop, J-Hope's smoldering look made everyone gasp for air.

4) Entire Dynamite period

dynamite era Jung Hoseok will always be superior🔥

While Dynamite brought BTS global and significant success, J-Hope truly owned the era with his captivating visuals. While the other six members looked highly handsome, J-Hope's visuals were stunning.

J-Hope ruled every ARMY's heart with his fresh undercut hairstyle, the 90s-inspired suits, exposed forehead, funky accessories, and natural tone. On top of that, the Airplane crooner also blessed fans with multiple selfies from the set.

5) Insta influencer Hobi

220116 @BTS_twt J-Hope's Instagram Post with Jin's CommentJH: Old school #outfitJ: Your fashion's really daringTrans cr; Faith @ bts-trans© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS🔗

BTS created a frenzy among fans after opening their individual Instagram accounts in December 2021. All the members of the hit group used the platform to express themselves. The same goes for J-Hope.

The Gwangju-born powerhouse used Instagram to express his love for fashion. Hobi frequently posted pictures of his outfits and shared them with ARMY.

The part-time fashion influencer still posts pictures of himself looking dashing as always in designer fits, influencing millions of his fans.

Undoubtedly, J-Hope's love for fashion has made him the fashion king. In several BTS interviews, the members also picked him as the most stylish among them all, proving his love for clothes.

Fans can witness him in new fits during his stage time at the Lollapalooza music festival, which he will headline on July 31, 2022.

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