BTS Proof: An all you need to know guide for ARMY

BTS at 2019 MMA (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS at 2019 MMA (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

The BTS Proof album is the most awaited album of 2022. It’s been almost two years since BTS released an album, their last album being BE, which was released in November 2020.

Naturally, fans are excited for new music from the group, however, this album is a bit different from any other album BTS has released.

The album is releasing right in the middle of Festa week, which is a week of festivities celebrating BTS’ debut which was on June 13. BTS, throughout the week, will release many gifts for ARMYs in the form of content and the Proof album is also a gift for the fans.

An all-inclusive guide about the BTS Proof album

1) Announcement

At the end of their PTD Las Vegas concert on the last day, the LED screen went black and a black and white trailer of BTS' past music videos started playing. Fans were confused as well as excited about what was happening.

The trailer ended and on the screen flashed the words We Are Bulletproof which changed to a date, signaling a new release. Fans went wild and their loud screams shook the stadium.

2) Logo trailer

The logo trailer was released on May 4, along with the name of their upcoming album. The trailer reminisced about the greatest hits from each album while beautifully displaying their album art as well.

The albums were placed in chronological order starting from their debut. It ended with the word Proof, which was transformed into the phrase We Are Bulletproof, which is BTS’ tagline.

3) Release date and time

The BTS Proof album is slated to be released on June 10 at midnight ET, globally. The lead single,Yet To Come, will also be released at the same time and there will also be a music video for the same.

The album will be available on all streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. This is the first time BTS has released an anthology album.

4) What's an anthology album?

The BTS Proof album is an anthology. Anthology albums are released by artists who have been in the music industry for a while and have accumulated a large number of tracks out of which they can select a handful to add to a single body of work showcasing their journey.

BTS Proof will dive into their past, present and future, embodying the history of BTS and looking forward to the new chapter of their musical journey.

5) Album contents and design

The BTS Proof album has two versions: standard and compact. The album is black in color with Proof written in holographic text in the center. Instead of the Os in Proof, BTS’ symbol is placed. On the spine of the album, the Os in Proof are replaced by two ARMY symbols.

The compact version is the more pocket friendly one. Both versions contain three CDs, a booklet, postcards, photocards, and posters. However, the standard version has a few more goodies in it and also has the Weverse pre-order benefit attached. Fans can also buy a set containing both the standard and compact versions.

6) Where to buy BTS Proof?

The album can be bought from South Korean stores such as Weverse, Synnara, YES24, Interpark, and Aladin. It can also be bought globally from the global site of Weverse. People from the US can use Weverse US or their local stores to buy.

Weverse Japan can be used by Japanese locals to buy the album. The album is also being sold by other local retailers such as Amazon in various other countries for ease of access.

7) Promotion schedule

BTS released the promotion schedule for their Proof album on May 7. It contained dates and times for the release of the tracklists, teasers, the music video for their lead single and the concept photos.

The schedule also had a section titled Proof of Inspiration, which fans are speculating to be a documentary. One has to wait to find out what it entails.

BTS also has three question marks in two places, signaling a surprise for ARMYs which they’re eagerly looking forward to.

8) Tracklists

The BTS Proof album has three CDs. The concept of this album is to bridge the gap between BTS’ past, present, and future.

The first CD is a chronicle of BTS containing their major hits and a remastered version of their song Born Singer.

The second CD contains the individuality of each member as there are solo and unit songs picked by each member on the tracklist.

The third CD is dedicated to ARMYs and contains a lot of unreleased demos of their widely popular songs.

A few songs from their SoundCloud will also be on this album. The songs on CD-3 are not going to be available on digital platforms except for For Youth, which is a song for ARMYs.

9) New songs

The septet had earlier mentioned that there would be three new songs representing their past, present, and future on the BTS Proof album. However, after the reveal of the tracklists, five new songs are being released in this anthology.

The lead single, Yet to Come, is on the first CD. The second CD opens with a new track titled Run BTS, also the namesake of their widely popular variety show. The third CD has three new songs. Quotation Mark and Young Love are available only on the CD and not on any streaming platforms.

For Youth, however, is going to be available on all platforms. Technically, they only have three new songs that will be available worldwide digitally.

10) Fan theories and reactions

ARMYs are eagerly waiting for this release. They believe that the BTS Proof album is a way of BTS saying the band has nothing more to prove to anybody, not the haters or the naysayers.

Their decade-long musical journey and impact on the music industry is more than enough to establish their legendary status as artists. This anthology album is just the receipt of their hard work.

Fans theorize that BTS is ready to open a new chapter in their journey and that this anthology is the bridge to do so. They are also awaiting a greatest hits tour after the release of the album.

The group is currently doing an Instagram poll about their discography, which is speculated to be related to the release of the BTS Proof album. Fans are confused about the end result of the poll, however, heated discussions are in progress on Twitter regarding the discography poll.

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