5 BTS Soundcloud songs that ARMYs wish were on Spotify

BTS HYYH Concept Photo (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS HYYH Concept Photo (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS has a diverse discography easily found on multiple streaming apps. However, BTS SoundCloud has certain gems that can only be accessed on this platform.

BTS, since their pre-debut, has used SoundCloud as a way to gain more exposure. They've released multiple songs on there before debuting as BTS and have, even since debut, released various song covers, mixtapes, and gifts for fans to listen to for free.

BTS SoundCloud is a treasure trove of some of the group's best and most heartfelt songs.

Five BTS Soundcloud songs that no ARMY should miss out on

1) Born Singer

Born Singer was released on BTS SoundCloud as it was a remake of J. Cole’s song Born Sinner. BTS has performed this song on tour and has mentioned that it’s one of the songs closest to their hearts.

It talks about their struggles, and the lyrics reflect their journey from trainees to debut. The song is a tribute to their hardships and grit to make it in the music industry as artists.

No ARMY can listen to this song with a dry eye. It would be highly surprising for such a lovely song to BTS not to be on any other music platform. However, as BTS did not have the original credits for the song, they could not put it on streaming platforms under their name.

However, with the reveal of the first tracklist from BTS Proof, it was unveiled that Born Singer was finally going to be released as an official BTS track and that they had gotten clearance from the original singer.

2) Ddaeng

"Put Ddaeng on Spotify" is one of the most ardent requests ARMYs have for BIGHIT MUSIC. Ddaeng is a rapline track released on BTS SoundCloud during the 2018 Festa as a gift to ARMYs.

The song is a subtle diss track for haters as well. However, with the smart use of puns and lyrical wordplay, BTS has made a diss track without ever pointing fingers at anyone.

This is the group's way of saying if the shoe fits, don't be afraid to wear it. BTS, via this song, has sarcastically thanked haters for always taking an interest in them, as it is because of their continued efforts that the group was able to reach new heights.

3) Still With You

Still With You by Jungkook has become one of the most romantic songs ever to exist. This BTS SoundCloud song is the perfect song to listen to on a rainy day. Jungkook composed and wrote the song as a gift to ARMYs for the 2020 Festa, and it is one of his best solo works.

He released the song for free for ARMYs, and the lyrics express his love for his fans and how he is always going to be with them no matter what. The pain of not seeing ARMYs in so long because of the Covid-19 pandemic brought him to pen this letter to the fans.

He talks about a better time when he could cry and laugh with ARMYs and walk with them forever through this song. He even named the URL of the song as thankyouarmy2020, making fans feel more endeared towards him.

4) 4 O'CLOCK

4 O’CLOCK is a song about love, friendship, and longing. It’s a song about two soulmates and their sudden meeting at dawn in a park to reconcile. Based on a true story, this song was written by V and RM and is even sung by them both.

V got the idea to write this song after Jimin, and he got into a fight over dumplings, leading Jimin to drown his sorrows in alcohol while V came out to a park to clear his mind.

No one knows how long the fight lasted, not even them, but it was in the park that the reconciliation happened. Jimin was drunk and asked V not to fight him, and V found the entire situation all too adorable, inspiring him to write this song about the situation.

The BTS SoundCloud song was also released as a gift to fans during the 2017 Festa. Jimin and V have also released the song Friends, where they mention the dumpling incident.

5) So 4 More

So 4 More is probably a song many ARMYs might not even know about. The title is a play on the word sophomore, and the track is BTS’ rendition of Pro Era’s Like Water.

This was released on BTS SoundCloud on their first-ever anniversary. It still holds an exceptional place in the fans’ hearts, especially those who have been with BTS on this journey since 2013.

It also gave ARMYs the iconic video of RM saying “it’s been a motherf**king year” from the behind-the-scenes video released on YouTube for their first anniversary.

This song is their promise to continue to perform on stage despite the passing years and whatever it brings with it. It also highlights their determined spirit to succeed and survive in a very competitive industry.

The song is a constant reminder of BTS’ past and everything they had to endure, a reminder of their humble beginnings and persistence.

With the release of the third and final tracklist for BTS Proof album, it was revealed that the acapella version of BTS SoundCloud song Still With You would be released on the album. However, it will only be available in CD form, and no digital release of the song will occur.

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