BTS recommendations: Jungkook's favorite songs

The 24-year-old singer listens to music across eras, genres, and languages (Image via @BTS_twt/ Twitter)
The 24-year-old singer listens to music across eras, genres, and languages (Image via @BTS_twt/ Twitter)

Despite being the youngest member of global pop sensation BTS, Jungkook's achievements far beguile his age. In March 2022, he completed his graduation from Global Cyber University and received the President’s Award from the university as well.

The Stay Alive singer majored in the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment. Being able to complete a degree while pursuing music full-time makes his achievement even more admirable.

As the main vocalist of BTS, Jungkook's taste in music is diverse, interesting, and marvelous. Recommending music from different genres, including Rap, R&B, Indie, Pop, Rock, and K-pop, Jungkook's favorite songs are as intriguing as the man himself.

5 songs BTS' Jungkook has recommended over the years

While Jungkook would earlier suggest songs on VLive or Twitter, ever since he joined Instagram, his Instagram stories have been rife with music that he wants fans to listen to. He even created a story highlight so anyone can swipe and see his recommendations even after his story is no longer up.

Here are 5 songs that Jungkook has recommended that fans listen to.

1) IU's Ending Scene


Ending Scene is about letting go and learning to love oneself again after the painful end of a relationship. IU's heartwarming vocals are a treasure to listen to, and Kim Soo-hyun's cameo in the music video is the icing on the cake.

The song chronicles the journey of a relationship that has already reached its conclusion, but letting go and cutting ties is difficult. The future is uncertain, and the protagonist is unwilling to take the plunge after getting hurt.

While IU's version of the song invokes deep emotions in listeners, Jungkook went the extra mile by singing his cover in a soft, wispy voice that tugs at one's heartstrings.

The Euphoria singer is known to be a fan of IU, and recommending a song by singing a cover is extremely on-brand for the BTS maknae.

2) Justin Park's On the Low


Korean-American singer and producer Justin Park's On the Low is the perfect song for a relaxed evening spent in a coffeehouse, sipping a beverage without a care in the world. The song is addictive, with an R&B vibe that makes it easy to listen to.

BTS' youngest member added On the Low to his Instagram story in December 2021, causing the song and the artist to gain a lot of attention from fans. Justin Park expressed his gratitude to the singer and even covered the group's superhit Butter.

3) Chymes' Dreaming


If indie artists who strive to do something outside the box are the listener's cup of tea, they will love Dreaming. Chymes is an Australian artist who is ushering in a new era of EDM-esque pop music.

Jungkook posted a screenshot of the song on BTS' official Twitter handle, which made fans flock to listen to the song and check out the artist. Chymes was so thankful for the recommendation and new listeners that they (then a duo) dropped a cover of the singer's Euphoria on YouTube.

4) Billie Eilish's Ocean Eyes


Better known for her popular song Bad Guy, Billie Eilish was first noticed by the world of music for her song Ocean Eyes, penned and produced by her brother Finneas O'Connell. A ballad-style song that delivers on vocals, lyrics, and production, Billie Eilish's depth and maturity raises the beauty of Ocean Eyes.

Jungkook played the song, among others, in his livestream on VLive in 2018, causing ARMY around the world to swoon at his impeccable taste in music.

5) Fiji Blue's It Takes Two


LA-based indie duo Fiji Blue released their song It Takes Two in 2021, describing the initial phases of being in love. The world seems to float away, and only the lovers remain, happy in their bubble. They gain energy and happiness just by being in each other's presence, and nothing else matters.

The song is another from Jungkook's Instagram recommendations. The Fiji Blue duo was thrilled after being mentioned in his story and said of BTS fans:

"So thankful for all the love pouring in…one of the most loving & caring communities to surround music."

The My Time singer tries to recommend music by lesser-known artists such as Chymes and Fiji Blue so that his shout-out to the singer or band could mean more people listening to their music. Most artists are grateful for the exposure that BTS' star power provides them, with some covering songs by the Dynamite group to show their appreciation.

BTS is set to release an anthology album titled Proof in June 2022, which will cover their music since the boy band's debut. There are rumors that the album will include unreleased songs, demos that didn't make it to the final song, and new music. With a little over a month to go before its release, fans cannot wait to see the content and promotions of the album.

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