BTS Recommendations: V's favorite songs

BTS' V often recommends songs that reflect his love for Jazz. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)
BTS' V often recommends songs that reflect his love for Jazz. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)

BTS' V is a musician through and through. Often praised for his impeccable stage presence and deep baritone, he likes to spend his free time exploring genres of music and expanding his musical palette to become a better artist.

A well-known connoisseur of classic jazz, blues, and R&B music, the 26-year-old often treats fans to gems from his playlist on Weverse, Twitter, and more recently, Instagram. V's recommendations reveal his love for songs that are complex, both musically and lyrically.

During BTS' recent visit to Las Vegas (for the concerts at Allegiant Stadium), the Winter Bear singer posted a video of himself dancing alone in a jazz club, surrounded by couples more than twice his age. This further proved his love for jazz and his penchant for doing things out of the box.

5 song recommendations by BTS' V

1) Singing in the Rain - Doris Day


Immortalized in Gene Kelly's 1952 film of the same name, Singing in the Rain has been covered by several artists throughout history. Celebrated American actor and singer Doris Day released her version in 1986 as part of her album, A Guy Is a Guy.

Doris Day's version differs from Gene Kelly's as it is not part of a musical. It is serene, making it the perfect song to listen to when one wishes for peace of mind. BTS' V played her version during a 2020 live stream on V Live while commenting that he was "into" the song.

2) At Last - Etta James


V must have a thing for songs from musicals because At Last was also part of a 1941 musical film, Sun Valley Serenade. American singer Etta James recorded her version in 1960 as part of her album by the same name. The track went on to become one of James' most well-received songs.

At Last transports listeners to the time they fell in love for the first time. One feels that they can conquer the world, and everything seems to go the right way. V played the song during a V Live session, reading out a comment by a viewer.

3) Less and Less - Matt Maltese


Matt Maltese's Less and Less tells the tale of a couple who have drifted apart. The nostalgia of previously happy times isn't enough to grudge through a failing relationship. While tragic, the song is almost hopeful of what the future brings.

V came across English singer-songwriter Matt Maltese's music in January 2022, posting a screengrab of him listening to Less and Less. He captioned the Instagram story as "I'm jealous of someone who knew you early."

Meanwhile, Matt Maltese thanked the BTS singer for listening to his song, and ARMYs from across the world tweeted to tell the English singer that they enjoyed his music.

4) Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra


American singer Frank Sinatra's most famed song, Fly Me to the Moon was originally written by Bart Howard as a cabaret ballad. Sinatra's version is slightly more upbeat and his live performances of the song leave the audience spellbound to date.

Kim Taehyung expressed his love for the song several times. He not only played Fly Me to the Moon on two different live streams but also sang along in his signature deep, husky voice, mesmerizing millions of fans.

5) Now You Has Jazz - Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong


Now You Has Jazz was released as part of the film High Society in 1956. The song lists the different instruments used to create jazz. Songwriter Cole Porter wanted to pen a jazz-oriented song when he was told that Louis Armstrong was to be in the film. This song was produced as a result of this endeavor.

V recommended Now You Has Jazz on the official BTS Twitter account, calling it "the video of his life."

Apart from sharing his recommendations with fans, the Singularity singer has often expressed his desire to work on music with elements of jazz. After BTS' tryst at the Grammys earlier this year, he was seen hanging out with Grammy-winning American singer Jon Batiste, who dabbles in jazz and R&B music.

Fans have been hoping for a collaboration between the two artists ever since. With V wanting to release his mixtape soon, perhaps the partnership will happen sooner than later.

BTS' agency BIGHIT MUSIC has announced that the Dynamite group will release an album on June 10, 2022. The month also marks 10 years since the band's stage debut.

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