BTS pre-debut songs you need to listen now

BTS at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards (Image via Han Myung-Gu/ Getty Images)
BTS at the 2018 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards (Image via Han Myung-Gu/ Getty Images)

BTS, the global K-Pop sensation, are rolling out new music next month. This was revealed during their Permission To Dance On Stage – Las Vegas edition, which captivated the audience. Everywhere they go, BTS breaks records, and their recent performance in Las Vegas was no exception. BTS' influence on music in general is undeniable.

The septet has come a long way since their debut as a hip-hop group in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment, a relatively unknown company at that time. However, even before their debut, the Grammy nominees were hard at work creating masterpieces for ARMY, their official fandom. While BTS's singles, EPs, and studio albums are loved, their pre-debut tracks have a certain allure we can't miss. The South Korean pop sensation had put their heart and effort into producing their old classics as well, like they have done with their current tracks.

The members used regular vlogs and internet engagements to connect with their fans before their big debut. Furthermore, the band used to routinely release music and song covers to keep their fans entertained.

Interestingly, their pre-debut tracks are currently receiving a lot of attention. Here are 5 BTS pre-debut songs ARMYs and non ARMYs must absolutely listen to.

Graduation Song and 4 other BTS pre-debut songs you must listen to

1) Satoori Rap

Originally sung by the rap line RM, J-Hope and Suga, Satoori Rap later went on to feature as the ninth track on BTS's second mini album O! RUL8,2? featuring all the members of the band.

Satoori Rap is a pre-debut song released by the band where the members sing about their respective dialects. Many fans applauded the band for using their songs to promote Korean culture. Satoori Rap, as a result, should surely be included in the list.

2) Let's Introduce BANGTAN ROOM

RM proved to be a genius at writing lyrics when he created Let's Introduce BANGTAN ROOM as a trainee. The leader of the group made a song majorly based on beats and gave the listeners a tour of his old music room.

Let's Introduce BANGTAN ROOM is significant because we see a young RM who is filled with passion and enjoys spending his days on his computer composing music and admiring the rap artists he looked up to.

It is also quite special because RM gave Jin, his bandmate and the group's eldest member a shoutout during the song. He also mentioned other well-known rap artists throughout the song.

3) A Typical Trainee's Christmas

BTS dropped another banger during their pre-debut called A Typical Trainee's Christmas. The song highlights how K-pop trainees do not get to celebrate holidays and other significant events like other people during their pre-debut years. Trainee days are frequently jam-packed with rigorous training, leaving little opportunity for them to enjoy things outside of work.

A Typical Trainee's Christmas Day allows fans to have an insight into the lives of K-pop trainees who work hard to compete for the spotlight. Hence, every ARMY should definitely listen to the track.

The Butter crooners sing about avoiding social engagements and training for the entire day. The members also express their gratitude to ARMY for never abandoning them at the end of the song.

4) Graduation Song

Members Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope cheerfully sing about gaining freedom after graduating from high school in this pre-debut song. Young, Wild and Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa feat. Bruno Mars was the inspiration for this song. The BTS rendition showcases the renowned 3J fooling about and singing to the pop song. The members sing about graduating and becoming adults who can select their own path in life and partake in activities such as drinking, shopping, and socializing with friends.

The track in general is upbeat and enjoyable. Graduation Song is rather unique and special in that fans get to hear singer J-Hope and rapper Jungkook, something which does not happen often. As usual, Jimin is also heard providing excellent vocals.

5) Adult Child


Adult Child is a song by Suga, RM and Jin, and the lyrics put an emphasis on someone who is going through their 20s. The three lament the troubles, remorse, haste, and pressure that people experience once they reach their 20s.

While the song won't fix your problems, it will reassure many young adults that they aren't alone in their troubles and obligations as they enter their 20s.

In the song, the members draw allusions to Peter Pan and Neverland, and how they imagined adulthood to be something extraordinary, but all they have is school, possibly military enlistment and regular duties. Adult Child, while being almost nine years old, is relatable to all young adults and is still a fan favorite to this day.

Although we love listening to BTS' new tracks, the group has proven to never produce failed tracks, even as trainees. While their new album Proof comes out on June 10, 2022 through Big Hit Music, jam to their pre-debut songs and discover more about pre-debut Bangtan.

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