5 BTS songs about mental health

BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS' Map of the Soul: Persona concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS have been champions of mental health since their debut in 2013 and have written multiple songs about the cause. Their music videos have also relayed the pain and trouble one goes through when suffering from mental health challenges.

BTS has partnered with UNICEF to end violence and neglect in children and women with their LOVE MYSELF campaign and has donated a lot of money to the cause, including a portion of the money from the sales of their Love Yourself trilogy albums which also centers around this theme.

BTS songs are written mainly by drawing inspiration from their experiences. They have all had personal experiences with mental health issues and have never shied away from sharing them with the fans.

They’ve done all they can to remove the stigma, and taboo people have towards mental health disorders, which is why people worldwide can relate to their songs.

5 BTS songs that feel like a warm hug

1) Blue & Grey


The song was released on BTS' album BE and speaks about their sadness during the Covid-19 pandemic. The entire album takes one through a journey from despair and sadness to acceptance and hope.

In Blue & Grey, BTS deals with the blues of being isolated and feeling abandoned. The song talks about people’s struggles with depression and how the once cheerful person they knew has become unrecognizable. All the colors from their lives have faded into Blue & Grey.

Members are confused about whether they're suffering from anxiety or depression; however, they know these feelings are new, and they want to try and get out of it and not get consumed by such feelings.

They accept that they’re not okay, and it’s perfectly alright to acknowledge that. They realize some days will be sunny while others will have rain, and they will look forward to a future where they can smile once again.

“Oh this ground feels so heavier. I am singing by myself. I just wanna be happier.”

2) I'm Fine


I’m Fine is the counterpart to their song Save ME. A lot of the lyrics in the song are the exact opposites to those in Save ME. In Save ME, they were afraid of being alone and needed someone else to save them from drowning.

In I’m Fine, BTS have realized that they’re more than enough to bring themselves out of any difficulty and be the hero in their lives. They are the protagonists of their story, and they’re more than happy to take charge.

BTS mentions that they’re their salvation and are no longer afraid of anything that comes their way. They do not feel lonely anymore, as all the scars from their pain and suffering have become distant memories.

They’ve grown to be stronger and resilient, and no matter how many times they fall, they’ll always get back up and be just fine.

“Our future will be full of joy. So set aside your worries and enjoy now. You’ve worked hard, we so fine.”

3) Answer: Love Myself


Answer: Love Myself was the last song on BTS' album Love Yourself: Answer. It was a perfect way to end the album and the trilogy series. The song talks of finally having the strength to understand that the answer to ending all suffering has always been to love ourselves.

Excessive criticism and dislike of themselves can cause terrible self-esteem issues. BTS’s main aim with this trilogy was to help listeners understand that they’re more than enough and worthy of love.

Loving ourselves is the hardest, but one must strive to achieve the most critical task. One is often lenient towards others but extraordinarily harsh and critical towards themselves, and BTS wants people to change this outlook.

The song elucidates that despite the mistakes one has made in their lives, their past, present, and future all make them who they are. One has to accept all parts of themselves and learn to grow from them.

“Why do you keep trying to hide under your mask, when even the scars made by your own mistake mark your constellations.”

4) 00:00 (Zero O'clock)


Zero O’clock is a song about the ephemeral nature of life. Neither happiness nor pain will be there forever. Everyone goes through difficult times where one cannot see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. However, these times will not last forever.

Every day when the clock strikes 12, a new day begins, and all the pain and sorrows of yesterday are forgotten. A new day brings new hope, a new chance to start anew, and an opportunity to strive for happiness.

The habit of self-blaming puts one in a vicious cycle of loathing and self-hate. When one thing doesn’t go our way, one tends to blame themselves for it. However, this song asks listeners to take a breather and begin anew with a fresh mind.

Self-blame will only worsen our feelings; however, shifting perspective might help us develop a solution to get out of such a sticky situation. BTS, in their lyrics, states that nothing lasts forever, just like when this particular song ends, another will play.

One can hope and work towards a better future while accepting that sad days are part of the cycle of life. However, one must not surrender to the sadness.

“I gather my hands and pray that I will laugh a little more tomorrow. For me. That it will be a little better.”

5) N.O


N.O was BTS’ comeback single after their debut song, No More Dream. Both the songs were part of their school trilogy era, where they spoke out about the rights of students and those who feel trapped in their parents’ or adults’ dreams with no escape.

Kids usually cannot vent out their feelings to those older than them as the adults mostly think they know better. However, students die a slow death mentally because of the pressure to be perfect. BTS themselves were students during the song's release and could perfectly resonate with these emotions.

In the song N.O., they ask students to fight back and demand their rights. They are allowed to dream and think of a future for themselves and not be made to work hard to fulfill someone else’s dreams and aspirations.

Unfortunately, the education system has moved away from imparting knowledge and is now turning students into study machines. BTS asks adults to reevaluate their decisions, and they state how money and a good education do not always guarantee the making of a good human being and a high quality of life.

“The adults tell me that the suffering lasts only momentarily now, that I should endure it a little more, that I should do what I want to do later. Everybody say NO!”

BTS members have released songs for free, talking about their personal experiences with mental health issues.

From his mixtape AGUST D, SUGA's The Last talks about his depression and social anxiety battle. From his mixtape MONO, RM's Moonchild deals with the feelings of living in perpetual sadness.

BTS is currently gearing up for the release of their new album on June 10, and fans can expect more beautiful songs from the group.

Note: All lyric translations have been taken from @doolsetbangtan/Twitter

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