5 times the universe proved it was on BTS' side

BTS' MOTS:7 Concept Photo Sketch (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS' MOTS:7 Concept Photo Sketch (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

For the past few years, every time BTS has released or is about to release a new song or album, the universe has granted the group blessing in some form or another. At least that's what ARMYs think.

Their comebacks are events that everyone looks forward to, fans and haters alike. Nobody can resist the septet and the great music they make. Clearly, the universe itself is a huge fan, showing its appreciation whenever the group decides to make new music.

It might just be a funny coincidence that important discoveries out in the universe are coinciding with the group's activities. However, it is seredipitious, shocking, and definitely worth exploring, now that fans around the world seem to revel in this theory.

5 times the universe proved to be a fan of BTS

1) Black Swan Nebula

Right after BTS' song Black Swan was released, NASA discovered a nebula in the shape of the number 7 which looked like the cover art for the group's album Map of the Soul: 7. The nebula was even named Black Swan. A very shocking coincidence.

ARMYs were very surprised by the turn of events as they could easily spot the similarities between the group's album cover and the nebula. They looked almost exactly the same and ARMYs were taken aback by this crazy coincidence!

2) Pink moon

A few days after the release of Map of the Soul: Persona, a pink moon phenomenon was seen in the sky. ARMYs found the situation hilarious because the color scheme of the Persona albums was also pink.

A day later there was lightning in the sky and a heart-shaped pink lightning could be seen. ARMYs were convinced this was the universe's way of asking people to stream the septet's album.

3) Whale

Whale is a symbol of comfort and understanding in the BTS fandom. Whalien 52 is a song made by the group about a whale who communicates at a decibel that no one else can comprehend, making the whale feel lonely despite not being alone in the ocean. For the longest time, both the group and ARMYs felt that way until they found each other.

The image of the whale from the group's song We are Bulletproof: The Eternal is similar to the images NASA found of the materials the black hole was spewing into space. ARMYs were shocked at the similarity between the shape of the materials and the purple whale in the music video.

4) Pink planet

Months after the release of the group's BTS World OST compilation album, NASA discovered a planet that looked extremely similar to the planet on the cover of this album.

This was a new planet named TOI1338B which was discovered by a 17 year old student. ARMYs quickly jumped on Twitter to exclaim that NASA had found the BTS planet.

5) It's the seven again

During the week the septet's album BE was supposed to be released, it was predicted that seven planets would be seen orbiting around the sun in what is called a dance of the seven planets around the sun.

This is a cosmic coincidence and although it is not rare, it has been seen very infrequently. After a while, all the planets start separating from each other.

Seven is a very dear number to both BTS and ARMYs. The group has seven members and they also have an album released in their seventh year with the same number.

The coincidence of this phenomenon with the planets taking place right before the group's album release was like a sign from the universe.

BE is an album where all the members took on roles beyond just making the songs. It was a heavily self-directed album and hence showed each member's unique personality.

After the announcement of BTS' latest comeback, a cloud in the shape of the number seven was spotted in the sky. Fans believe this is the universe's way of wishing them good luck for the upcoming release.

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