BTS at UNGA: Coin 'The Welcome Generation' and raise hope for the future with a moving speech

BTS at the UN General Assembly 2021 (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)
BTS at the UN General Assembly 2021 (Image via Twitter/@bts_bighit)

South Korea's pride, BTS attended the UN General Assembly on September 20, 2021. The last time they delivered a speech at the UN, back in 2018, they were global K-pop stars BTS. Fast forward to 2021, and they are much more significant, with now having the label of first-ever special presidential envoys from the private sector.

The seven members of the boy band are Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jeon Jungkook. They all attended the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moments, along with South Korean President Moon Jae In, demonstrating the sheer unparalleled power the men, all in their 20s, have.

BTS deliver an inspirational speech at the UNGA 2021

Nothing less than historical and each moment worthy enough to be written in the history books, President Moon Jae In announced BTS' entry, calling them "probably the artist that is most loved by people around the world."


The next moment offered blissful nostalgia to ARMYs, as the men suited up in formal black outfits with blue lanyards made their entry.

While there were considerable differences from 2018 to this, a major one is that each member took turns speaking.

Gearing up for the SDG Moments, the group of the special presidential envoys for future generations and cultures had weeks ago asked the global youth to share their stories via #YourStories and #YouthToday.

Taking inspiration from them, the members talked about the stories they've read and how this 'Covid's Lost Generation' isn't lost. Not anymore.

The members took turns to deliver their inspirational speech, starting from talking about the absolute bewilderment many have gone through over the past two years. Still, a ray of hope always encouraged them to live on.

"There were times during the past two years when I too felt bewildered and troubled, but still, we had people who cried out "let's live on, let's make the best of this moment"@BTS_twt

They then talked about climate change and people falling in love with nature during these rough times.

"Everyone agrees that #ClimateChange is an important problem but talking about the best solution might be, that's not easy. It's a topic that is tough to make conclusions about" @BTS_twt
"I learned that there are many young people interested in environmental issues and choose it as their field of study. The future is unexplored territory, and that's where we more than anyone will spend our time. And they are searching for the answers"

As people around the world scramble for answers and think the world is done for, Kim Taehyung reminds them - "We have people concerned for the world and searching for answers." People in the coming generations desire to make Earth a better place.

"I hope we just don't consider the future as grim darkness. We have people concerned for the world and searching for answers. There are still many pages left in the story about us and I feel like we shouldn't talk like the ending has already been written" @BTS_twt

The group then coined the term, the Welcome Generation - giving an alternate title for 'Covid's Lost Generation.' Lost Generation of Covid is often used to describe people in their teens and 20s who have missed out on the most incredible milestones of their lives - whether graduation, schooling, farewell, or more.

According to the members and the millions of #YouthStories shared, Jimin shared how so many people are finding new ways to learn, finding the courage to take on new challenges.

"Instead of the lost generation, a more appropriate name would be the welcome generation because instead of fearing change, this generation says "welcome" and keeps pushing ahead."

They also defended the vaccine, taking the public stage to confirm that they were all vaccinated.

鈥渁 lot of you were wondering whether we鈥檝e been vaccinated and I would like to take this opportunity to say yes, all seven of us are vaccinated. the vaccination was a sort of ticket to meet our fans who are waiting for us.鈥#OurPrideBTS #BTSatUNGA #YouthToday #YouthStories
"I want my mom to be proud of me" -Kim Seokjin Your mom right now can't stop talking about you jin, she so proud of you right now. Not only your mom but your country and fans too. I'm so proud of you Kim Seokjin you did so well.鉁 #BTSatUNGA #OURPRIDEBTS

Watch their entire speech below:

WATCH: @BTS_twt's full speech at the United Nations Sustaintable Development Goals Moment event. Follow Rappler's #UNGA coverage at鈥#BTS_twt#BTSatUNGA #OurPrideBTS

As a group with a huge responsibility of leading the global youth, the megastars have only been taking steps in the right direction. From UNICEF's campaign to end violence against children with LOVE MYSELF to now, as Presidential Envoys of the Future, no one can deny (or ignore) the absolute power and pot-full of inspiration they exhibit.

The speech ended with their recent hit, 'Permission To Dance' performance, pre-recorded at the UNGA building.

Watch the performance below:

"We thought the world has stopped, but it continues to move forward. Every choice we make is the beginning of change." -- @BTS_twt came to UNHQ to support action for the #GlobalGoals & a better world for everyone. Watch their special musical performance and get inspired.

Twitter is filled with ARMYs celebrating this motivating and historical feat by taking over nine out of ten trending searches worldwide. #BTSatUNGA, #OurPrideBTS, #YouthToday, #GotARMYRightBehindYou, and #YouthStories are the top 5 trends worldwide.

from saying that he wanted to show us a good side of him on his first delivering a speech for future generations at the UNGA as a presidential envoy! so proud 馃ズ #BTSatUNGA
"an exceptionally outstanding group of young men, the first ever special envoy from the private sector, BTS" @BTS_twt #OurPrideBTS #BTSatUNGA #YouthToday #YouthStories #GotARMYRightBehindYou

#BTSatUNGA and #YouthToday have garnered 1.3 million and 1.5 million tweets, respectively.

Other trends include 'PERMISSION TO DANCE,' 'SO PROUD OF YOU,' 'OUR PRIDE JIMIN,' 'Nation's Treasure Jungkook,' 'Seokjin,' and 'JIMIN UN SPEECH.'

In other news, a top Asian footballer, Son Heung Min, called BTS "national heroes" while revealing that he's a fan of them.

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