Song of the Year trends as "BTS Permission to Dance" is set to break record for most-viewed video in 24 hours

A concept photo of BTS members (Image via bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)
A concept photo of BTS members (Image via bts.bighitofficial/Instagram)

BTS Permission to Dance was officially released at midnight KST on July 9th. The track is being labeled the "Song of the Year" by the BTS ARMY as it's a fun and heartwarming number.

BTS Permission to Dance featured all seven members of the band: RM, Suga, J-hope, Jin, Jimin, Taehyung, aka V, and Jungkook.

Just ten minutes after the song was released, it hit five million views and over 1.2 million likes. A few hours later, there were three million likes and around 21 million views. BTS's new song is now on track to beat the record that the band had set earlier.

The bandhold the record for the most views in the first 24 hours of a song for Butter. BTS Permission to Dance is the second title to be released from the Butter CD, and an instrumental version of the two tracks will also be released.


Here's what fans loved about BTS Permission to Dance

Fans are already terming the new release as the "Song of the Year." They especially love the cute choreography that will have everyone tapping their feet.

Many also noticed the brilliant spin performed by Jungkook in his stunning black outfit. One fan also revealed that the sign that the band used repeated during the choreography addressed people who were hearing impaired.

A fan shared that one of their cousins, hearing impaired, had said that the band was asking them to dance. It was just the kind of thing that brought BTS closer to its army, giving viewers and fans a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Fans also loved the inclusion of purple balloons and kids. Purple is the color of the band, the color that the fans associate with them. Man followers believe the video was inclusive because it had included people of color.

BTS Permission to Dance: The perfect summer number

The track was termed the perfect summer number, and the music video especially made fans extremely happy. One thing that fans loved about BTS and continued to is the touch of sincerity and empathy they add to each song.

Their albums, especially the Love Yourself series, brought BTS fans closer as a community. There are multiple accounts of fans who claimed BTS and their songs helped them through tough times, and this bond is also what makes the idol group special.

It is what pushed the BTS Army to do their best for their favorite idols. So the chances of BTS beating their record with BTS Permission to Dance are also high.

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