BTS melts hearts as upcoming track 'For Youth' is dedicated to ARMYs around the globe 

A still of the K-pop boy group (Image via @bts.bighit/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop boy group (Image via @bts.bighit/Twitter)

Global K-pop phenomenon BTS has created ripples on the internet with the announcement of their upcoming album, Proof. While fans eagerly wait for the album’s release, the group has a small but meaningful surprise in store.

Proof will be a 3-CD album. Fans finally have the complete tracklist for each of the CDs, with Tracklist CD-3 only being available in the CD version. The third disc has many demo versions of previously released songs. However, the most exciting part is that the septet has included a brand new song titled For Youth in the disc, which is dedicated to their faithful fanbase, ARMY.

Fans get emotional as BTS's new track For Youth is written for them

On May 11, 2022, BIGHIT MUSIC released the group’s third and final tracklist for their upcoming anthology album, Proof. The album’s Tracklist - CD3 includes demo versions of the group’s popular tracks such as I Need U, Young Forever, Jump, Spring Day, DNA, and more.

The album will feature three new songs that ARMY can look forward to. The group has also surprised fans by sharing that some tracks will only be available through the album and not be made available on digital platforms.

One of the new tracks, titled For Youth, has made fans extremely emotional as they have realized that the song’s meaning lies in the title itself. Since the album’s third disc includes For Youth, it is understandable that the new track will be dedicated to BTS’s fanbase, ARMY. While fans didn’t realize this before, the song’s title proves that it's dedicated directly to them.

ARMY is one of the biggest fandoms in the world and has become a well-known term internationally. The fandom is an abbreviation of Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth (ARMY).

After realizing For Youth was dedicated to ARMY, fans couldn’t help but express their excitement on various social media platforms. They began trending the song’s name and thanked the group for their heart-touching, sweet gesture.

There's no act that loves their fans more than how much BTS love ARMYThey giving us their demos through CD special part of making music & in THE album we have a song named after ARMY too called FOR YOUTH & our name is Adorable Representative MC FOR YOUTH & the song is fan song
I can't believe Jimin got our last name tattooed on himself 🥺👉👈Adorable Representative MCs for -
@fatimafarha_ It's almost like saying it's for you but they titled it youth to match our name...For You -> For YouthAdorable Representative MC "FOR YOUTH"Somebody cry with me plz
I AM AN A.R.M.YNot just a #BTSARMY I am anAdorable Representative MC for YouthI am, you are, we are, an embodiment of what it means to be young, regardless of your actual age.That is the true meaning of your name.Don’t you ever forget that.And wear it proud.…
Press release on the Proof tracklist states that CD 3 is dedicated to Army 🥺 and For Youth is a new fan song “expressing [BTS’] affection and gratitude to their fans.”
I'm actually gonna cry I'm getting tears in my eyesFor Youth is a new fan song that express BTS gratitude toward ARMY The song is called For Youth and our name ARMY is Adorable Representative MC FOR YOUTH
Me and my ARMY fellas on June the 10th

Fans are very excited for Tony Montana

BTS has sent fans into a frenzy after revealing that the album’s Tracklist - CD3 includes a studio version of the song Tony Montana featuring group member Jimin. The rap song was produced by none other than group member SUGA and went viral after Jimin gave a special performance of the song during the group’s 3rd Muster. Fans will finally get the chance to listen to the duo's track.

The group's upcoming album Proof is slated to release on June 10, 2022.

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