BTS’ break: Interesting predictions on what ARMYs would like to see from the septet

Concept photo of BTS members for Yet to Come shooting sketch (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
Concept photo of BTS members for Yet to Come shooting sketch (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

On June 14, BTS made the shocking announcement that they would be taking a break from their group activities in order to focus on their mental well-being and to release their various prospective solo projects.

They further stated that, following the completion of this break, they would be venturing into the second chapter of their careers and lives as BTS members.

The seven members broke down while expressing their pain and struggles in words, while ARMYs (official name for BTS' fandom) found themselves mirroring the septet’s emotions and empathizing with their feelings as if they were one entity.

Fans quickly took to Twitter and other social networking platforms to trend “Dear BTS,” where they posted sweet notes of love and encouragement dedicated to the band's members, promising to wait patiently for them as they were ushered into a new chapter of their lives.

As Jimin rightfully said:

“I think we’re just now starting to think about what kind of artist we each want to remembered as by our fans. I think that’s why we’re going through a tough time right now, because we’ve entered a phase where we’re only now trying to find our identities.”

Earlier today, BIG HIT MUSIC confirmed that the band's members are ready to embark on their own solo activities, starting with Bangtan’s dance leader J-Hope who will be releasing a new album sometime in mid-July.

While ARMYs are patiently waiting to see what individual colors each member will show through their work, we have some exciting predictions up our sleeve as well.

Listed below are some of the predictions on what ARMYs can expect from BTS members during this indefinite break.

Friendship tattoos, collaborations and acting projects: Exciting predictions on what ARMYs would like to see from BTS


1) Solo album releases

It has already been confirmed that J-Hope will be releasing his new untitled album sometime in July, and fans are also awaiting new music from other members, especially from the four in the vocal line.

The group's rapline members have previously released their solo albums and mixtapes: RM (RM and Mono), SUGA (Agust D and D-2) and J-Hope (HOPE WORLD).

Although the vocal line members have previously released singles and song covers, ARMYs are eagerly waiting for them to release their own full-fledged solo albums and mixtapes.

At the recent Festa 2022, Jimin confirmed that he is working hard on releasing his new album, and V also revealed that his solo album is close to completion and will most likely be released sometime next year.

2) More collaborations with Korean indie artists

ARMYs have come to dread the question, “Which artist do you want to collaborate with”, which BTS members have had to answer in countless American interviews, and we do have a slightly different take on it.

We would love to see BTS members collaborate with more Korean artists, specifically indie artists. Not only are the collaborations evocative and magical, but these partnerships are also incredibly beneficial to the artistic growth of both parties.

Here is a video of RM’s collaboration with talented K-indie artist eAeon:


Here is a video of SUGA’s collaboration with the talented Lee Sora:


3) Launching their personal YouTube channels

Last year, on December 6, BTS members took ARMYs by surprise by launching their personal Instagram accounts. RM - @rkive, Jin - @jin, SUGA - @agustd, J-Hope - @uarmyhope, Jimin - @j.m, V - @thv and Jungkook - @jungkook.97.

ARMYs are hoping that the Bangtan members will drop a similar surprise by launching personal YouTube accounts as well. It certainly has been a while since Jin has done an ‘Eat Jin’ mukbang or Jungkook has released one of his soulful song covers.

Obviously, a YouTube channel would be the perfect way for members to express their individual talents. As Jin rightfully expressed at the 2022 Festa dinner, he said:

“Doing group activities for so long—just like you guys mentioned earlier, I started to feel like I’ve become a machine. I have my own hobbies and things I want to do on my own.”

Here is a video of Jin hosting his mukbang ‘Eat Jin’:


Here is a video of Jungkook’s soulful cover of Harry Styles’ Falling:


4) Launching a surprise business venture

In September 2020, BIG HIT MUSIC (then known as Big Hit Entertainment) announced that BTS members are now shareholders of the agency.

Each member will be granted 68,385 shares, and will own shares valued at a total of 9.23 billion won, as revealed by the agency in an official statement.

It is public knowledge that Jin owns a restaurant in partnership with his older brother Kim Seok-Jung.

Furthermore, earlier this year, the Bangtan members launched ‘Artist-Made Collection by BTS,’ where they launched self-designed clothing and accessories for ARMYs.

This is why it would be interesting to see if BTS members launch solo business ventures. Clearly, it would be exciting to witness a clothing line from J-Hope or tasteful art decor from V.

5) More acting projects

It is no secret that Bangtan’s oldest member Jin originally wanted to be an actor, and V has repeatedly expressed his desire to pursue more acting projects after making an impactful debut with KBS’ Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, alongside Park Seo-Joon, Park Hyung-Sik, and SHINee’s Minho.

An emperor from the Joseon dynasty, a lovable boy next door, or a handsome chaebol (CEO), whatever the role may be, we will be waiting for the members to flaunt their incredible acting chops for the camera soon.

Here is a video of BTS members showing off their amazing acting talent:

6) Friendship tattoos

On June 10, RM revealed his BTS friendship tattoo, the number ‘7’ inked on his ankle, as an anniversary present to ARMYs, and today, on June 15, J-Hope revealed his friendship tattoo, the number ‘7’ inked on his Achilles tendon, a truly deep symbolism.

Interestingly, Jimin has also gotten the number ‘7’ tattooed on his fingers, while Jungkook has gotten 'ARMY' inked on his knuckles.

The remaining members are yet to reveal their friendship tattoos. V recently shared on his V Live chat that he would be getting a friendship tattoo with Jungkook soon, and we cannot wait to see the complete collection of Bangtan’s friendship tattoos.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer and are predictive in nature.

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