“Jungkook bigger than K-pop”: ARMY rejoice as Rolling Stone crowns the idol as the greatest Korean male singer of all time

Featuring Jungkook (Image via BTS_official Twitter)
Jungkook has been crowned one of the Greatest Singers of all time (Image via BTS_official Twitter)

On January 2, 2023, Rolling Stone released a list of the world's Top 200 singers, titled "Greatest Singers of All Time." Jungkook from BTS was ranked 191st on the list.

BTS' youngest member is the only male soloist from South Korea to make it to the list for his phenomenal vocals and international popularity. Rolling Stone also described the idol’s many qualities and talents in the published list.

As soon as the list was released, ARMY’s didn’t hesitate to brag about their favorite idol on social media sites. They even called him "bigger than K-pop" itself, highlighting how his worldwide influence is paving the way for the K-pop industry.

Rolling Stone is an American monthly magazine revolving around music, popular culture, and politics.

ARMYs celebrate as Rolling Stone describes Jungkook as a "strong performer... known to be hardworking and humble"

What exactly did Rolling Stone say about Jungkook?

Jungkook is ranked 191st in the published list. While describing the young artist, Rolling Stone stated some of his notable features and achievements. The description begins as follows:

“Jungkook, the multifaceted youngest member of BTS, boasts a long list of talents - he's a strong performer, has written several songs, and is known to be extremely hardworking and humble despite the success he’s experienced at such an early age. He’s also an extremely gifted singer.”

The magazine further stated the recent achievements made by the idol, key among them being his collaboration with American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth for Left and Right, which achieved many milestones and received love from ARMYs:

“In 2022, when Jungkook’s track with Charlie Puth, “Left and Right” became the fastest song by a Korean soloist to surpass 400 million streams on Spotify, Puth referred to him as one of the only artists to have ever sent me perfect vocals.”

The Rolling Stone description then went on to elaborate on Jungkook’s vocals, talking about his ability to sing high notes smoothly and synchronize with other members of BTS. The magazine also mentioned his solo tracks such as Euphoria and Stay Alive:

“He hits high notes with ease and harmonizes with his members effortlessly, always giving his audience new ad-libs and unexpected vocal riffs to keep things interesting, from his official solo tracks like Euphoria to the covers he uploads for fans on BTS’ SoundCloud.”

In the past, the idol has uploaded many of his songs to SoundCloud, popular among them being Still With You, My You, 2U, and Lost Stars. The songs were especially dedicated to ARMYs on several special occasions.

"This is incredible": ARMYs show love and support for BTS' golden maknae

As soon as Rolling Stone published the list, ARMYs started took to Twitter to congratulate the idol and boast about his achievements. Many also highlighted how he is the only Korean male singer to be mentioned in the list.

Recent updates about Jungkook

The idol recently became the first K-pop soloist to deliver a spectacular performance at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, where he sang Dreamers, which is part of the official soundtrack for the event, and was written by Jungkook himself.

For the song, the BTS member was joined by Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi. Dreamers has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube and 119 million streams on Spotify.


The BTS member recently bid goodbye to the oldest member of the group, Kim Seok-jin, who began his military enlistment in December 2021. It has been reported that the golden maknae may enlist for his military service in June 2024.

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