5 chaotic moments from the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode

The band pose for the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode. (Image via Weverse/ BTS)
The band pose for the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode. (Image via Weverse/ BTS)

BTS has made a triumphant return to its variety show with a Run BTS Flying Yoga episode. Titled Fly BTS Fly Part 1, the special episode features the Dynamite septet dipping their toes into the flexible and topsy-turvy world of aerial yoga.

Using a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to propel oneself into complex positions, aerial yoga is said to offer the benefits of yoga, pilates, and dancing, all at once.

The production team listened to the suggestion offered by Jung Kook earlier during a special episode and created a Run BTS Flying Yoga episode block. The result was a hilarious and chaotic 35 minutes of BTS struggling to stretch themselves into a pose.

5 amusing Run BTS Flying Yoga moments: Fawning over the instructor's muscles, Jin twirling, and 3 more


Run BTS has given the members the opportunity to have varied experiences. In sports, the group got to play tennis and table tennis, although SUGA's absence due to his shoulder surgery was notable.

In the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode, the septet is taken through the basics of aerial yoga, which yielded many comical and chaotic moments. This article explores five of them.

1) Purple = BTS: Even the hammocks said Borahae

Any fan of the K-pop sensation knows the importance of the color purple. At a 2016 concert, V coined the term borahae or "I purple you" to explain how he would love ARMY till the end as purple (violet) was the last color in the rainbow. The color has since become synonymous with the band and its fans.

The hammocks used by the band in the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode were also purple in color. Leader RM commented that it was an "illness" to think that everything related to the shade would be related to them. The band members agreed, but the production team confirmed in the caption that it was a carefully made decision, saying,

"... today's purple was indeed prepared for you (wink)."

2) When the band complimented the instructer on his body

BTS does not believe in toxic masculinity, and they proved this again by complimenting the yoga teacher's physique several times throughout the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode. From the moment Lee Sung-young, the first aerial yoga instructor in the country, walked in, the members were struck by his athlectic body.

Jin, j-hope, and Jung Kook could not stop looking at the teacher's lithe body as he introduced himself by showing off a pose, while V called Sung-young "pretty" as he was demonstrating a winged gesture using a hammock. Meanwhile, SUGA and RM curiously asked the instructor if he worked out at the gym given his well-developed lower body.

3) Jin losing control of the hammock and himself

The 29-year-old singer was struggling right from the beginning, suddenly starting to spin as he did not hold onto the hammock tightly. In another instance, Jin screamed for the teacher to come help him when he twirled the wrong way and almost fell out of the hammock.

Every time he managed to push himself into a new pose, Jin would ask the photographers to quickly take pictures so he could rest. While he wasn't the only one struggling in the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode, his reactions were priceless, and made the other members laugh while they were trying to maintain their positions.

4) Bangtan Kindergarten apologizing to the teacher for being "noisy"

After the teacher's initial demonstration, chaos descended upon the class. The yoga instructor was trying to explain the floor exercises while RM and SUGA teased him about exercising in the gym. Jung Kook decided to run into the hammock and swing around like a child.

Jimin and V were no less, and the duo fought over the hammock that was in the back and out of the instructor's view. They ultimately resolved the conflict with a round of rock-paper-scissors, and Jimin ended up going to the front.

Amidst all this chaos, the 95z each apologized to the instructor, a sentiment which was later repeated by the rest of the members. The Run BTS Flying Yoga episode definitely brought out the kindergarteners in BTS.

5) j-hope regretting his coffee addiction after a few poses in the air

Another member who suffered quite a bit in the Run BTS Flying Yoga episode was j-hope. From struggling to tuck his foot into the hammock to cursing his short hamstrings, BTS' lead dancer pushed himself to get the poses right.

While trying to stretch with his leg tucked under his belly, the 28-year-old suddenly felt nauseous, realizing why the band had been instructed to skip eating before the aerial yoga session. The Blue Side rapper then commented that he could feel the coffee he drank "coming up" after which the yoga teacher helped him adjust his position to a more comfortable one.

The first Run BTS Flying Yoga episode was a serotonin-booster for fans everywhere. The second episode will air on October 18, 2022, and is sure to be another laughter-inducing event for ARMY.

BTS is gearing up for their concert in Busan on October 15. Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the concert and simultaneous livestream on Weverse. The K-pop group hinted at a performance of Run BTS from Proof when they attended The Fact Music Awards (TMA) 2022, a statement which has delighted ARMYs.

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