4 sports BTS played in Run BTS!

A still of the K-pop band BTS (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop band BTS (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS’ Korean variety show Run BTS! offers chaos, and fans are here for it. The three-season show first premiered in 2015. With BTS members' all-rounder skills, it was not surprising to see them partake in multiple sports throughout the three seasons.

Run BTS! gave fans an immediate opening to members’ candid personalities while they engaged themselves in playing sports and games. It also gives an insight into the member’s likes and dislikes, which is of utmost significance to fans.

Run BTS ep 138.Run bts writers is a mood.:Who said BTS is not good at ball games?:Who said it's funnynto see them playing sports?:Of course... We know... Its funny because they're not good in sports.Lol HAHAHAHAHAHA#runbts#runbtsep138

ARMY loves to observe idols when they participate in routine and relatable activities like playing sports. Run BTS! offers just that. It keeps fans entertained and excited as sports can be enthralling and extremely engaging.

Run BTS! is a chance for the group to showcase non-musicial skills

The members, apart from sharpening their dancing and singing skills, also spend time in leisure activities like playing sports such as tennis. They also played basketball and volleyball in their variety show In the Soop.

1) Badminton

[Run BTS! EP.100]— 1st Badminton match —Hobi & Yoongi vs Jin & Jungkook#Sope #JinkookTeam 🐿🐱 is called: 100 JinTeam 🐹🐰 is called: Seok 100[how Sope robbed Jinkook’s name!!!]

ARMYs doubt if badminton is BTS’ favorite sport because members have quite often played the sport on the variety show. The boys had quite a bit of fun with this. From laughing at the slightest ‘shuttle-miss’ to running towards the shuttle with mouths wide own, members made sure to keep their fans entertained.

The show's editors deserve immense credit for making the members appear so dramatic. The use of hilarious sounds and top-notch mind bubbles help bring out the humor. Members sometimes switch rules and methods according to their wishes.

In one of the episodes, they tried to play badminton with frying pans and utensil lids. They couldn’t control their laughter and rolled on the court, laughing now and then.

2) Lawn Tennis

So it's Tuesday RUN BTS 130Taehyung vs Jin [Tennis 🎾]

BTS members love taking on challenges to prove they are better than their fellow members, all in fun. They will go to great lengths to tease their groupmates, including participating in a tennis tournament. One of Run BTS!’s episodes showed members partaking in a tennis competition.

The entire episode was hilarious from start to end. Members danced, sang, spun, and laughed on the court while playing tennis. The finals took place between Kim Tae-hyung and Kim Seok-jin, and the latter won the tournament.

Jin was declared “champion,” and as expected of the World Wide handsome, he posed straight in front of the camera.

3) Table Tennis

[#4CutSynopsis] #bts has different serve styles🏓I can tell who the winner is just by looking at the picture🤔😂EP. 139 Bangtan Table Tennis Lesson2👉 Tuesday night 9pm(KST), watch the latest 'Run BTS!' on #weverse !#RunBTS#BANGTAN #BTS

Seeing BTS members struggle to hit and catch tiny table tennis balls is like witnessing children play. The members’ serious and determined faces to win the competition looked adorable. The septet managed to grasp the basics of the sport in a short period. As fast learners, they did an excellent job at table tennis.

Moments from this episode, such as J-hope flexibly leaning backward, Tae-hyung turning his head side to side, and Jimin performing body waves before his serve, making rounds on the internet to date.

Members also cheered each other during their games. Coach Yoo also revealed how Tae-hyung started to look like a pro after some rallies. This thrilling episode brings ARMYs tears of laughter and joy.

4) Water sports

From water sports to early dinner, I think it's the best way to end season 2 of Run!BTS. If you haven't watch it then you may go straight to our VLIVE channel.⟴ Run!BTS ㅡ Ep.85

Episode 84 of Run BTS! is a fan favorite and remains one of the funniest episodes of the variety show. Global sensations play water sports in this segment, and fans can look at how helpless members become once they enter the slippery setup. From upward and downward slopes to cylindrical steps for climbing, members made sure not to underestimate tasks.

Frequent falls in the water gave ARMY a hearty laughter. BTS members were trying hard to maintain balance yet required each other’s assistance. Especially noteworthy is Kim Tae-hyung’s struggle to walk or run for a minute straight without falling. He tripped every few seconds.

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