5 habits of BTS' Kim Tae-hyung that ARMYs find attractive

A still of the K-pop artist Kim Tae-hyung (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop artist Kim Tae-hyung (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS' Kim Tae-hyung, also known by his stage name V, is one of the most charming idols in the K-pop industry. He not only has extraordinary visuals but also has a highly appealing personality. These traits have made him famous and an ultimate ‘bias’ for many.

Each BTS member has their charms and quirks. These qualities are the reason why ARMYs are so attracted to them. Fans find it highly comforting that they can observe the members and take note of their little habits. These habits make them more relatable.

Fans often take to various social media platforms to discuss idols' attractive qualities. BTS' Kim Tae-hyung is one such idol who has broken the internet on multiple occasions because of his charismatic personality.

Let’s take a look at some of those.

Fans cannot get enough of these 5 BTS' Kim Tae-hyung habits

1) The iconic 'Tata mic' face

There is no way BTS' Kim Tae-hyung’s ‘Tata mic’ face can be off this list. ARMY or not, every K-pop stan knows the Winter Bear singer's cute and attractive habit. It was first seen in a RUN BTS episode, where J-hope and V had ‘price slips’ which dictated their prizes.

J-hope won a ‘Tata mic,’ and V instantly laid eyes on it. On being asked what was written on his slip, he replied, “Tata mic,” and smiled slightly. This arose suspicion in the minds of Bangrim, who then confirmed again, only to see V eating his ‘prize slip’ because he didn’t want to get caught.

Ultimately, he was given the mic and couldn’t hide his heartwarming expressions, and thus the iconic ‘Tata mic’ habit of BTS' Kim Tae-hyung was born.

2) Finger tutting

BTS' Kim Tae-hyung has performed finger tutting right in front of the camera for fans. Finger tutting is a go-to habit for V that ARMYs not only find cool but are also mesmerized because of his talent for pulling it off.

He was seen finger tutting in multiple VLive sessions, Permission to dance concerts, Run BTS episodes, and music videos, among many other occasions.

3) Catching things effortlessly

Idols work extremely hard to maintain a fit physique and polish their reflexes since it helps them get better in their artform. However, BTS's Kim Tae-hyung seems to have a gifted habit of catching things with little to no effort.

This might appear to be the usual, day-to-day activity one does, but for V it's different because of how attractive he looks while doing it. From table-tennis balls to bottles and from mics to baseballs, he is certainly a master of good grips.

4) Chewing imaginary gum

The Christmas Tree singer is a little hard to understand because of his habit of chewing imaginary gum. This has instilled in him to an extent that, sometimes even he himself is oblivious to the fact that he was moving his mouth for no reason.

Be it fan-sign events, music videos or live concerts, the artist was seen chewing ‘an imaginary gum’, something ARMYs find extremely attractive. At a recent concert, Jimin confronted V about this habit, to which the latter accepted that because he chews a lot of gum, it has become an inevitable habit.

5) Fixing his hair

BTS' Kim Tae-hyung is obsessed with playing with his hair, fixing it, and in general just making ARMYs notice his top-notch visuals. There might not be a single event where the artist hasn’t attempted to fix his hair appealingly.

At one of the concerts, he was seen flipping his hair in the most elegant way before giving a flower to an ARMY. This habit no doubt flutters the hearts of a million fans because of how attractive it is.

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Edited by Sayati Das
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