BTS' Jimin skillfully converts a slip into a dance move at Seoul concert, leaving fans gushing 

The idol was spotted with two new tattoos on Day 1 of the concert (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)
The idol was spotted with two new tattoos on Day 1 of the concert (Image via Big Hit Entertainment)

While Day 1 of BTS‘ PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concert might have had fans gushing over Jimin's tattoos and Jungkook's outfit, Day 2 was no less eventful.

Day 2 of the eagerly anticipated concert, which happens to be the group's first concert in the South Korean capital since the COVID-19 pandemic, took place at Seoul Olympic Stadium on March 12.

Apart from being broadcast live worldwide via VenewLive, today's performance was also screened at movie theaters around the globe, much to the ecstasy of ARMY members who couldn't see their favorites perform in person.

Thus, there was no dearth of proud and impressed faces, both virtual and in-person, as the BTS member Jimin converted a fall on stage into a graceful dance move so seamlessly that the audience could barely tell the difference.

Jimin's quick thinking had BTS fans across the globe impressed

In a move that was a testament to his professionalism, the popular idol smoothly turned a slip into a dance step. While performing his part in the song Black Swan, Jimin ran towards the front of the stage, towards the enrapt audience.

However, several feathers on the stage floor made for a sticky situation and the idol slipped and fell. Being a consummate performer, though, he did not lose momentum even for a second, and continued to sing.

The BTS members also quickly incorporated the fall into the choreography, moving the performance along seamlessly and coordinating with the other members.

All the viewers of the concert were understandably left impressed at Jimin's smoothness. Despite being concerned about any injuries the idol may have had, several took to social media to explain how impressed they were with how the situation was handled by him.

Several viewers also stated that they were only able to catch the fall after other ARMY members pointed it out, which is a testament to Jimin's skill at handling sticky situations.

Incidentally, the singer was not the only member to have a fall. Fellow member and rapper/producer Suga also had a minor fall due to the slippery stage the same day. In a video posted by a fan on Twitter, BTS' oldest member Jin can be seen confirming if Yoongi is fine.

On day 1 of the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concert, BTS' Maknae Jungkook came very close to falling off the cart the group was performing on. The vigilant idol and the even more vigilant staff were able to avoid any adverse situations and continue to perform stupendously.

Meanwhile, the group will be performing on the last day of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL on March 13.

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Edited by Srijan Sen