Top 5 iconic moments of BTS' Jin on stage

The 29 year-old singer often sings high notes in live performances. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)
The 29 year-old singer often sings high notes in live performances. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)

BTS' Jin is recognized worldwide for his silvery falsetto, show-stopping visuals, and amazing stage presence. In fact, he has even been praised by the Grammy panel for having a "silver voice".

When he joined Big Hit Entertainment (now BIGHIT MUSIC) as a trainee, Kim Seok-jin was picked by an agent solely for being handsome, with no prior background in music or dancing. Despite having to start from ground zero, he has evolved to become a praiseworthy singer and dancer, which is a result of his perseverance and strenuous efforts.

The BTS member is a live performer who brings a different zing to the stage, elevating the quality of performance and energy of his bandmates as well.

At the recent concert in Las Vegas, where Jin was injured, J-Hope specifically mentioned him. He stated that the vocalist did not let his hurt hand hinder the band's concert in any way, which the other members wholeheartedly agreed to.

5 most memorable moments of BTS' Jin

"World Wide Handsome" Jin often leaves fans speechless with his spellbinding visuals, with fans often commenting on how cameras are unable to capture the true extent of his stunning looks.

Here are 5 times that BTS' Jin astounded every fan with his stage presence.

1) The legendary triple high-note in Crystal Snow in 2018


Jin is at his best when he sings BTS' Japanese discography. Despite it not being his native language, there's just something about the way the BTS member pours himself into the song, filling the watcher with intense emotion.

The song transports the listener to a peaceful snowy winter evening spent together with a loved one.The singer's triple high-note in Crystal Snow is among his most iconic performances, showing off BTS' Jin's ability to belt seemingly impossible high notes with relative ease.

2) The enthusiastic burst of energy during Spinebreaker in 2019


The song Spinebreaker is iconic for many reasons. The choreography and concept were created by BTS themselves, with the costumes improvised using previously used jackets and sunglasses. BTS' Jin, who often comes up with the most unique choreography for the group's songs, devised the point choreography in an episode of BTS Gayo.

The group performed the song at their special Muster concert in 2019, wearing their costumes, complete with sunglasses (despite the concert being held during the night).

As the song neared its end, Jin decided to throw caution to the wind and dance and trot around the stage while being recorded by Jungkook. His soft purple hair, paired with a ridiculous facial expression and the iconic Spinebreaker choreography makes this moment among Jin's funniest.

3) The pre-chorus and chorus of Converse High where Jin popped off


For all the Converse enthusiasts, Converse High is a peppy song about the popular shoe brand, where BTS' Jin shines with his unique vocal quality and sound. The choreography is relatively simple, allowing the singer to focus on his singing.

Converse High is often regarded as one of Jin's best live songs, revealing a different side of the singer, traditionally known for his ballad-style solo songs and high notes.

4) The time Taehyung and Jin sang Pied Piper looking at each other


BTS might be one of the few artists who teases their fans for spending too much time watching livestreams and participating in video interpretation. Pied Piper is a song that showcases ARMY's passion, indulgence, and affection towards BTS. It was performed live at the group's Muster fanmeeting in 2019, with a sleek choreography to boot.

All the members were dressed in semi-formal clothing, with BTS' Jin looking especially captivating with his purple hair and black-patterned shirt. Many fans were left stunned when Jin and V looked right into each other's eyes while singing lyrics from the chorus.

5) The high note during Epiphany that made every fan emotional


Epiphany is the ultimate self-love anthem that truly explores BTS' Jin and his vocals (after Awake). Jin, accompanied by a piano and clad in an angel-like white costume, is in his element as he sings about realizing that if one wants to give love, they must first love themselves.

While the whole live performance is a masterpiece as a whole, the singer's true charisma comes to the forefront during the iconic high note towards the end. He immerses himself in the song, concluding it with a magnetic glance, as if encouraging the audience to take forth the themes of self-love wherever they go.

With his legendary solo songs and higher-than-the-sky falsetto, BTS' Jin is truly a master performer who draws the audience's attention every time with his iconic performances. He recently told a fan on Weverse that his index finger, which was injured during practice, has recovered to the extent that he "can play rock, paper, scissors".

BTS is set to release their anthology album, Proof, in June. The tracklist for two of the CDs has already been released.The group has also revealed the names of two new songs, Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment) and Run BTS (Dallyeora Bangtan).

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