BTS recommendations: Jin's favorite foods

BTS' Jin's Love Yourself: Tear concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS' Jin's Love Yourself: Tear concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS' Jin has a huge knack for both cooking and eating. Even before debuting in BTS, he would be cooking a feast for his members within the limited funds they had at the time.

Jin had his own cooking blog where he uploaded recipes he would cook in his dorm, and even laid down step-by-step pictorial instructions for fans and others to follow.

He also had his own VLive segment called Eat Jin where he would do a mukbang (eating broadcast) trying out different menus in various cities while interacting with ARMYs at the same time.

5 dishes BTS' Jin loves to eat

1) Kimchi Jiggae

Jin had mentioned in an interview with NME that Kimchi Jiggae or Kimchi stew is one of the staples for him. The warm and wholesome nature of the stew fills not only people's bellies but also their hearts.

Jin loves Kimchi Jiggae so much that he even suggested having it off the plaque they were to receive from Spotify on having achieved 1 billion streams for their global smash-hit song Dynamite.

They did not eat Kimchi Jiggae off the Spotify plate, however, they did eat Bibimbap, another Korean delicacy.

2) Galbitang

BTS loves meat and are often seen feasting on various kinds of meat dishes like chicken, pork belly, and beef to name a few. Korean barbecue is their all-time favorite way to enjoy meat.

So it is to no one's surprise that one of Jin's favorite foods has to be related to meat. Jin mentioned in a behind the scenes Bangtan Bomb video that he really loves Galbitang (beef short rib soup).

He was deciding what to eat for his meal and was presented with a number of his favorites, however, Galbitang seemed to come out on top as the food he wanted to eat most.

3) Lobster

Jin loves seafood, unlike his fellow BTS member RM. Jin mentioned his love for lobster on Fancafe, a South Korean interactive space for idols and fans.

He wanted to keep the lobster his mom had bought as his pet, but after having his first bite of the lobster, he was introduced to a whole new world of flavor. His love for seafood started from there.

4) Naengmyeon

BTS loves noodles, especially ramen, and have been spotted eating it almost every time they are out of South Korea for touring or other purposes. Jin mentioned, in his 2020 Festa Q&A, that the food he could eat every day in a week was Naengmyeon or cold noodles with broth.

It is the best dish to eat on a hot summer day, to cool off oneself. It's a very light and refreshing dish and does not taste very rich and greasy, perfect for beating the heat.

5) Sushi

It would be unfair to end this list without mentioning the Super Tuna maker's love for fish. Jin has voiced his love for Sushi and Sashimi on various occasions. He has even done Eat Jin broadcasts on VLive eating Sushi and has prepared Sashimi for the members on In The Soop season 1.

Despite Jin's enormous love for food, he was recently found allergic to garlic and potatoes, two key ingredients in South Korean cuisine, disheartening him and millions of other fans.

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