BTS Jin proves how sweet he is by delivering fresh strawberries to loved ones

BTS member Jin (Image via Instagram/@jin)
BTS member Jin (Image via Instagram/@jin)

On January 14, 2022, BTS member Jin visited his uncle's strawberry farm. The idol was seen having a rollicking good time surrounded by planted strawberries in the background.

Even though the group is on a much-needed vacation, they don't skip a chance to keep their loving fans updated. After announcing their vacation period in December 2021, the boys created individual Instagram accounts to keep in touch with fans.

BTS Jin: The strawberry chef

Jin treated fans by posting pictures of himself surrounded by bright red strawberries on his Instagram feed. The idol visited a strawberry farm owned by his uncle while on a much-needed vacation.

Luckily for Jin, it is currently strawberry season in South Korea. The idol was seen strawberry-picking and posing in front of the fruit farm. He also clicked shots of the strawberries which showed that some were ready to eat while others needed more time to ripen.

On seeing the post, group members RM and J-Hope created some more entertainment for fans to enjoy. The idols started a funny repartee in the comment section of Jin's "strawberry" captioned post. J-Hope wrote,

"Strawberries? Without seeing me?"

In response, Jin simply wrote,

"Take some strawberries."
220114 @BTS_twt Jin's Instagram Post with J-Hope & Jin's CommentsJ: StrawberriesJH: Strawberries??? Without seeing me???JH: 🔥J: Jwe-hope* take some strawberriesTrans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS🔗

Through RM's comments fans learned that Jin calls himself the 'strawberry chef,' the rapper wrote:

"I see you've gone to prove your 'Strawberry chef title, kindly get some strawberries for me when you come back."
220114 @BTS_twt RM's Comments on Jin's Instagram PostRM: I see you've gone to prove your 'Strawberry Chief' title !RM: Kindly get some strawberries for me when you come backTrans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS

Later, Jin went around Seoul distributing his sweet gift to his brother, sister-in-law, J-Hope and chef Lee Yeon-bok. The delectable fruits are known as Durihyang strawberries. They are sweeter than regular strawberries and are humongous.

Upon receiving the strawberry-filled gift box, J-Hope took to his Instagram stories to thank Jin for his kind gesture.

jin really personally delivered hobi straight from the farm strawberries in a cute strawberry print box 🥺

Chef Lee Yeon-bok also posted a picture of the gift given by Jin on his Instagram feed and wrote:

"Late at night, just after 10:00 pm, the phone rang. It was BTS Jin. He asked me 'Where are you? At home? I'll be there soon. I bought delicious strawberries. They are fresh and you can eat them.' He dropped the gift and said he will meet me soon. Jin thought about me despite living so far. I am so moved, I love you Jin."

Soon these strawberries were in high demand and sold out instantly. This is the power of the strawberry leader/chef - Jin.

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