BTS J-Hope's Side by Side Mini Bag and Hope Pot set: Where to buy, release date, and more about artist-made collection

BTS J-Hope's Side by Side Mini Bad and Hope Pot set merch (Image via @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter)
BTS J-Hope's Side by Side Mini Bad and Hope Pot set merch (Image via @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter)

BTS J-Hope’s artist-made collection is a reflection of the idol’s sunshine-filled personality. The idol’s collection features a blue-and-white shaded mini bag and a Hope Pot set with four plant pots each having a letter of “HOPE.”

ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS Merch. Style Photo - j-hope ver.🪴HOPE POT SETBY j-hope#BY_BTS #BY_jhope

The artist-made collection by BTS has been immensely popular and in-demand. Previously, V’s Mute Boston Bag and Jimin’s With You hoodie sold out in an instant, and now all eyes are on J-Hope’s sky-blue shaded mini bag.

BTS J-Hope’s artist-made collection: Daily essentials for fans to fall in love with

Each member released a self-designed merch collection featuring things close to their hearts. The ideation and conceptualization, down to the material used, was done exclusively by the members. As such, the demand is incredibly high.

ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY #BTS Merch. Style Photo - j-hope ver.👝SIDE BY SIDE MINI BAGBY j-hope#BY_BTS #BY_jhope

For J-Hope, his motto of being ARMY’s hope and the group’s fashionista led him to create a mini bag with shades of blue and white and a plant pot set. The bag was teased in V’s merch SHOW video and came with multiple pockets and a square tag with “made by hope” stitched on it.

The Hope Pot Set includes four pots with green letters stuck in the pot, completing the word “HOPE.” A personal touch in the set is the “O” being replaced with a heart. The pots also have J-Hope's verse from The Magic Shop engraved in his own handwriting.

Where to buy J-Hope’s artist-made collection?

All BTS merch is exclusively released on HYBE’s Weverse Shop. The merchandise collection of J-Hope — the Side by Side Mini Bag and Hope Pot Set — will be put up on presale at the shop.

When will BTS J-Hope’s artist-made collection be released?

The self-designed merch of J-Hope will be open for preorders at the Weverse Shop on January 20 at 11:00 am KST. Considering every member’s merchandise was sold out in under a few minutes, the rush for the rapper's items would be similar, especially the Side by Side Mini Bag.

What is the price of J-Hope’s Side by Side Mini Bag and Hope Pot Set?

HYBE will reveal BTS J-Hope's artist-made collection price on January 19, 11:00 am KST on the Weverse Shop.

Fans' react to J-Hope's Artist-Made Collection

J-Hope's designer merchandise is already being sought-after by fans across the globe, as evident by these Twitter fans.

Jhope explaining his self designed merch; Hope pot set and side by side mini bag !!!Woah 😭😭😭#jhope #jin

Additionally, the idol is known for his iconic fashion statements with his acorn mini bag, which has led the item to be even more hotly anticipated.

@HYBE_MERCH They modeled taehyung’s cloud drop brooch set with jhope’s side by side mini bag
@HYBE_MERCH JHope's side by side mini bag inspired by his track "BLUE SIDE"... I'm 😭🥺💙#by_jhope
@HYBE_MERCH Jung Hoseok's verse from Magic Shop was being engraved on "Hope Pot Set" and it's his own handwriting and the way 2seok singing the lyrics is just so precious! I love Bangtan sm! 💜#BY_BTS #BY_jhope #방탄소년단

Meanwhile, only Jung Kook’s merch collection is yet to be released. HYBE will release the first look at the maknae’s collection on January 21, 6:00 pm KST.

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