BTS Jungkook's Rolling Stones interview named one of the 'Most Read Stories of 2021'

BTS Jungkook/Image via Instagram
BTS Jungkook/Image via Instagram

BTS is back in the spotlight once again. The BTS maknae, Jungkook's interview with Rolling Stone is one of the Most Read Stories of 2021. On December 31st, 2021, prestigious American publication, Rolling Stone, published an article listing some of the Most Read Stories of 2021. Amongst many political, international and national stories, Jungkook's interview with Rolling Stone also managed to make it on this list.

According to Rolling Stone, they mentioned,

An interview with BTS’s JungKook also appeared high up on the most-read list this year.

Known for his soothing vocals, savvy dance moves and fit physique, the youngest BTS member is now considered a trendsetter for 2022, with this latest news. Netizens expressed their excitement and shared various excerpts of this news throughout the internet.

Netizens in awe of BTS Jungkook's interview being one of the Most Read Stories of 2021

Being acknowledged by a leading magazine known for journalism especially in music, ARMY is still reeling from this surprise. Many of these fans have taken to Twitter to express their joy at the recognition Jungkook is receiving.

Rolling Stone has mentioned their interview with Jungkook as the 'Rolling Stone's Most Read Stories of 2021'
Jungkook interview is officially announced to be one of Rolling Stone's most read stories for 2021.

One netizen shared a quote from the interview on how Jungkook felt comfortable due to other BTS members. Another netizen recognizes the young star as being a born pop-star.

“The other members had a lot of influence on me, and I could just feel comfortable because they are such good people. And they encouraged me to open up to them and mature into a good person.” ㅡ 210517, Jeon Jungkook In Rolling Stone Interview @BTS_twt
“Jeon Jungkook, a born pop star”— Rolling Stone…

Some fans believe that whatever endeavor the maknae pursues, he will be successful regardless. They believe this is the impact BTS and Jungkook have on people.

Jungkook’s Rolling Stone interview appeared high up on on the most-read list this year! 🔥One thing that’s for sure is that you’ll always find Jungkook towards the top of any list like these when it regards popularity, selling-power, most impactful… you name it, he’s got it.
RollingStone magazine has mentioned Jungkook on one of their posts ‘Rolling Stone’s Most-Read Stories of 2021’ expressing Jungkook power and how his interviews was one of THE MOST read in 2021🎉

A walk down memory lane: Jungkook's BTS journey

According to Rolling Stone,

While the vocalists and rappers show off their diverse pitches and wordplay, it's Jungkook's bridge with notes impossibly high that cement this as one of BTS' most outstanding performances.

Being the youngest member of the group, Jungkook was only 15 years old when he first debuted with the band. Netizens and AMRYs who have followed the band since 2013 have seen the young superstar grow up in front of the camera. ARMYs can't wait to see what the young star has in store for 2022.

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