BTS live performances: Top 5 stages you cannot miss

K-pop group, BTS and Jimmy Fallon at the Grand Central Station (Image via Getty Images)
K-pop group, BTS and Jimmy Fallon at the Grand Central Station (Image via Getty Images)

Among the long list of best BTS live performances, many will go down in history because of their production, charisma, and of course, BTS' performances. Watching BTS perform live has to be the greatest pleasure of any BTS ARMY. Whether it is an awards event, a special appearance at a TV show, GRAMMY's, or a crosswalk, BTS has adorned several venues with their blockbuster performances.

Besides being a global phenomenon, BTS boys are also famous for their engaging performances that keep the viewer hooked for minutes. Their Butter performance at the 2022 Grammys was named the 13th best performance of all time by Rolling Stone, the biggest music magazine.

Many other BTS live performances have completely blown fans' minds. Hence, here are the top five BTS live performances no one should miss.

5 best BTS live performances that will go down in history

1) The smoothest heist at Grammy 2022

Rolling Stone’s 25 Greatest Grammy Performances of All Time: #13 @BTS_twt 'Butter' (2022)“BTS took the stage with the swagger of a James Bond squad of super-spies (...) they were on fire with confidence & charisma.”It was also noted as one of the best moments of 2022 Grammys.

Borrowing the concept from different heist movies and channeling their inner James Bond, BTS executed a Butter-y heist at the 2022 Grammys. To elevate the news of their second Grammy nomination, the K-pop boy band delivered a top-notch performance, making everyone cheer for them.

More than that, the dance break included in the performance was the star of the performance. With their jackets, the boys formed a guitar and made everyone dance to the tunes. Lastly, Jungkook's entry was cherry on the top.

2) The GRAND Central ON performance

In just 2020, BTS performed on Grand Central, rented a museum, a park, a palace, a whole incheon airport & TWO stadium FOR A PERFORMANCE!THE RANGE IS CRAZY ME THINK✨#2020MAMA #BTSxMAMA

Have your idols ever performed at the Grand Central station? Another BTS live performance that needs to be on the list is when the septet performed ON at the Grand Central station for the Jimmy Fallon Show.

BTS members made a powerful statement with their bold performance and made sure to add another act to their list of historical performances.

3) Permission To Dance for everyone at the UN

the extended version of Permission to Dance at UN assembly BTS are having so much fun I still can't believe this all happened yesterday I'm so proud and happy for them.

BTS was invited to the United Nations General Assembly again in September as the president's special envoy, adding another feather to its cap. The Dynamite group delivered an inspiring speech talking about the generation and other social issues.

However, the group later turned everyone's mood up with an iconic performance on Permission To Dance, a positive and cheery song, becoming one of the few artists to perform at the UN.

4) The Grammy debut

BTS delivered an electric rendition of Dynamite at the 2021 Grammy Awards (press pics courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment)

Even though BTS could not attend the Awards physically due to the COVID-19 situation, the septet managed to light up Seoul and beyond with their spellbinding performance on Dynamite for their Grammy debut.

First-time nominees, the Bangatan boys chose the Hanwha Life 63 building or skyscraper as their venue, which overlooks the Han River, making it an extra-lavish affair. Donning hueful suits, the members looked extremely charming as they sang and danced for their fans, adding it to the list of one of best BTS live performances.

5) A big celebration at Tiny Desk


Another BTS live performance that has raised the bar is the Tiny Desk Concert in 2020 where the group performed its biggest hits including Save Me, Spring Me, and Dynamite.

Opting for instrumental-heavy music, they brought freshness to their already popular songs with a relaxed and cool live band setting as a backdrop. The jazz and soul feeling was a first for the fans, but it was definitely one of the best to experience.

The hitmakers will be releasing their new album, Proof, on June 10, 2022. Hence, look forward to more extravagant and lively BTS live performances. The septet are also scheduled to be a part of a discussion at the White House on the sensitive topic of anti-Asian hate.

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