BTS’ tattoo artist revealed members V and Jung Kook got their friendship tattoos together

BTS' tattoo artist reveals V and Jung Kook got a tattoo together (Image via Twitter/@LaVenderMoon_V)

On Tuesday, January 3, BTS’ tattoo artist Poly C revealed that members V and Jung Kook got their friendship tattoos done together. He shared some close-up photos of member V’s tattoo, which is placed on his thigh.

Poly C also clarified the ongoing confusion about why photos of V’s tattoos weren’t placed at the studio. BTS’ tattoo artist took to his personal Instagram to explain that when he uploaded Jung Kook’s tattoo, he got so many notifications that he got overwhelmed and forgot to upload V’s tattoo.

BTS’ V had excitedly revealed that he will get a friendship tattoo with Jung Kook

In 2022, after BTS’ M Countdown pre-recording, V revealed he wanted to get his friendship tattoo with Jung Kook. At that time, he confessed that he didn’t know where to get a friendship tattoo and that as soon as he decides, he would get a friendship tattoo with Jung Kook.

He asked ARMYs for their suggestions on where he should get a tattoo and got some amusing reactions from fans like - the left butt cheek, neck, inside of his thigh, and even the belly button.

An ARMY suggested that he get a tattoo on his ribs, which the Singularity singer liked momentarily. However, he retracted from his original statement, revealing that a tattoo on the ribs would hurt a lot and that if he only gets the number “7” tattooed, he might be urged to add more to it.

A couple of years back, V was the first member to tease fans about a potential friendship tattoo with other members and requested that fans look forward to it.

For those unversed, BTS members got friendship tattoos in celebration of their ninth debut anniversary. Leader RM was the first to reveal his friendship tattoo on his ankle.

Afterwards, it was revealed that J-hope got a tattoo on his leg, Jin got the number “7” tattooed on his waist, Jimin on his finger, Jung Kook got his friendship tattoo behind his ear, and V got one on his thigh. The location of SUGA’s tattoo is not yet known to ARMYs.

BTS’ tattoo artist Poly C declared that he would never recreate the septet’s friendship tattoo for anybody else and thanked the members for trusting him with this important deed.

He also revealed that this isn’t a regular tattoo and has a special meaning - all the “7s” combined form the word “BTS.” Fans are now awaiting SUGA’s tattoo revelation.

Quick update on BTS’ solo activities

The group’s oldest member, Jin, is currently serving in the military at the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon County in Gyeonggi Province and will be discharged on June 12, 2024.

RM has successfully wrapped up the promotions of Indigo, and SUGA is currently hosting his own drinking show Suchwita on Weverse.

Meanwhile, j-hope is set to perform at the "37th Golden Disc Awards" and is nominated for a Bongsang for his album Jack in the Box. The awards will take place outside of Korea on January 7, 2023, at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, at 8 pm KST and will be broadcast live on JTBC.

Jimin, on the other hand, is all set to collaborate with BIG BANG’s Taeyang on his upcoming album. V will participate in the variety show Seo Jin’s alongside Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-sik. Jung Kook has been included in Rolling Stone's 'Top 200 Greatest Singers of All Time'.

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