"The collab of the year is coming": Fans react to BIGBANG's Taeyang posting photos with BTS’ Jimin in his studio

BIGBANG's Taeyang working with BTS’ Jimin (Images via Twitter/vip_lampung and Instagram/j.m)

Fans’ belief of BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BTS’ Jimin working together to collaborate has taken new wings.

On Monday, January 2, 2023, the BIGBANG member posted monochromatic photos of him working with another person in his studio. The photo lacked any information except “#2023” mentioned in the caption, and his new agency, THE BLACK LABEL, tagged in the picture.

However, ARMYs believe that the other person in the studio is BTS’ Jimin.

With the ton of content fans have about BTS, they can easily figure out any member with their silhouette or body part.

The pictures instantly began swirling around on Twitter, with many calling it the collaboration of the year.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang posts WIP pictures with BTS’ Jimin, fans react

Reports of the rumored collaboration between BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BTS’ Jimin seem to be a reality. The Eyes, Nose, Lips singer’s Instagram account has only one post - two photos of him working with someone who many think is the Serendipity singer, Jimin.

In December last year, JTBC reported that the two superstars were working together, but YG Entertainment briefly replied that they “were checking if it’s true.” A few days before that, news about the BIGBANG singer releasing a solo album took over major publications’ headlines and the internet.

On Sunday, January 1, 2023, Taeyang posted monochromatic photos by tagging only his new label and vague caption mentioning the new year. The two stand with their backs toward the camera, looking at the studio monitor. Looking at the standing positions, hands, and hair, people deduced the other member as BTS’ Jimin.

Hours later, South Korean outlet Newsen reported that the person in the picture was indeed Jimin. It also stated that the BTS member will participate in Taeyang's solo album as a featured vocalist.

Both BTS and BIGBANG have been iconic groups that shaped the K-pop industry. Having two of the legendary group members collaborate for a song is thrilling for everyone in the industry, from fans to critics and even other celebrities.

Take a look at how fans are reacting to the photos below:

Meanwhile, clips of Jimin fanboying over Taeyang have also resurfaced on Twitter. Fans talked about how meaningful the collaboration might be for the BTS member who had grown up dancing to BIGBANG’s songs.

In other news, Taeyang was the second member to leave YG Entertainment. He departed from YGE and shifted to its subsidiary, THE BLACK LABEL, which was founded by YGE’s main producer, Teddy Park. News of the Eyes, Nose, Lips singer releasing a solo album in 2023 began doing the rounds a few months ago.

Jimin, on the other hand, was spotted with blonde hair when sending Jin off to the military, sparking rumors of a music video. ARMYs trended “PJM1 MV soon?” speculating that the idol dyed his hair for his new solo release.

As per Newsen, Taeyang will release his solo album in the first half of this year. Neither THE BLACK LABEL nor BIGHIT MUSIC have officially confirmed the collaboration.

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Edited by Shreya Das