A legendary meetup: BTS’ Jimin and BIGBANG’ Taeyang reportedly joining hands for a collaboration

BTS X BIGBANG might come true: Jimin reportedly featuring on Taeyang
BTS X BIGBANG might come true: Jimin reportedly featuring on Taeyang's January 2023 comeback album (Images via Instagram/j.m and Twitter/pics_taeyang)

Two South Korean legends, BTS' Jimin and BIGBANG's Taeyang, are reportedly collaborating for the latter's comeback album.

On December 9, 2022, JTBC published an exclusive report stating that the BTS and BIGBANG members were all set for an all-time great collaboration. Both groups have proved to be iconic in their own might.

Moreover, since foraying into solo activities, Jimin has released only one song - a With You duet OST with Ha Sung-woon for the drama, Our Blues.

"which singer did you respect and admire the most before your debut?"jimin: taeyangJIMIN X TAEYANG IS COMING…

Other BTS members have often mentioned that Jimin has been working hard for his solo album. However, as the JTBC report states, the Butter singer isn't only prepping for an album but also an iconic collaboration. Taeyang is reported to have a solo comeback in January 2023, which will arrive nearly six years after his last release, White Night, in August 2017.

YG Entertainment briefly responds to the collaboration of BTS' Jimin and BIGBANG's Taeyang

According to JTBC and many K-pop officials, BTS Jimin will join as a featured artist on Big Bang Taeyang's solo album, which is scheduled to be released in January next year!!JIMIN X TAEYANG IS COMING?!?!

BIGBANG debuted in 2006 under YG Entertainment and became one of the most legendary groups in South Korea. Third-generation idols such as BTS grew up listening to their songs BANG BANG BANG, Bad Boy, FANTASTIC BABY, and many more are considered classics even today.

Jimin, on the other hand, debuted with BTS under then Big Hit Entertainment, now BIGHIT MUSIC, in 2013. While the Bad Boy group made strides in the overseas market, spreading the Hallyu Wave in other countries, the Butter singers made it go international, especially breaking into the American music industry.

@HopeBriMin0213 @BTS_twt i am BEYOND excited for this!!

While the rumored collaboration has fans riled up, it is pertinent to note that his agency, YG Entertainment, has not yet confirmed reports of BIGBANG Taeyang’s solo comeback in January.

However, just hours after JTBC's report on the rumored collaboration on December 9, YG Entertainment gave a brief response:

“We’re currently checking [whether it’s true]”

BIGHIT MUSIC is yet to comment on the collaboration rumors.

K-pop fans excited as the collaboration rumors bring two legends together

So your telling me Jimin, the one that love and respect BigBang specifically Taeyang, is going to be featured on Taeyang’s solo album scheduled to be released in January 2023!?!!🤯Time to bring back #JIMIN playing Wedding Dress by Taeyang on Piano. He played it so beautifully:(…

BIGBANG's Taeyang and BTS' Jimin are known for their impressive, smooth vocals. Since the news was released, K-pop fans have been over the moon about the potential collaboration. Despite a ruthless fanwar already taking place between VIPs (BIGBANG's fandom) and ARMYs (BTS' fandom), a group of fans was supportive of the rumored collaboration.

Multiple past videos and interview translations of BTS' Jimin calling Taeyang his role model, covering his viral song Eyes, Nose, Lips, and more swirled around on social media. Take a look at fans' positive reaction to the rumor and Taeyang's potential comeback below:

jimin x taeyang2013 2022
This is a Taeyang song btw 😭 sjjsjs I hope Jimin had fun during the recording 🥰
hobi keeps pointing out that he’s been hearing jimin play the same song (wedding dress by taeyang) on the piano for 8 years sksksksksks
Throwback to the time young Jimin sang Taeyang's “eyes nose lips” 🥺Hear how beautiful he sounds! 💛JIMIN X TAEYANG IS COMING 🥳
a reminder that jimin has mentioned that taeyang as one of his role models, and now he’s going to be part of his solo album, im so happy for him
In China's Weibo, the news of #Taeyang's January comeback was read total +100M times in 15 hours, while the news of YGE denying the comeback was read +70M times.That's +170,000,000 million views in 15 hours. The hype is real. #BIGBANG
a comeback is needed from one of the best vocalists in kpop: TAEYANG

Meanwhile, if the album's feature turns out to be accurate, it will be BTS' Jimin's first on a South Korean artist's album. Previously, SUGA collaborated with the Gangnam Style hitmaker PSY for That That, which became a viral sensation in the country, while j-hope joined hands with Crush, another famous singer, for Rush Hour.

If true, BIGBANG might just be added to BTS' iconic collaboration roster.

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